Dior Rissimo

  1. 130,000 THB , 140k and 150 k for S M L size accordingly in thailand. Preorder only, 2 weeks minimum lead time.
  2. Does this style have a zipper at the top like the Lady Dior?
  3. No. It as a magnetic closure secured to a separate mini flap which prevents the larger contents of your bag from spilling out. The bag also comes with a zippered interior leather pouch that you can detach, so you can keep the important things in there.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Can anyone tell me the dimension of the medium and small?
    TIA!!! :smile:
  6. Small: 32x23x11cm
    Medium: 38x27x12cm
  7. Thank you ! :smile:
  8. I really starts to like this bag now, since seeing some toting around my town. I've to say it looks really good in person.
    Might be my Next Dior over the Granville !!! :graucho:

    PS. hoping to see new color release soon
  9. You're so lucky you get to see it in action!! I haven't seen it IRL yet. But something tells me to put it on my wish list. :smile: I'd love to see more photo of that mint green, too! :smile:
  10. The larger Diorissimo bag works well on guys too, given the minimalist rectangular look. Not too sure about the black version given the pink leather lining, but another combination may work.
  11. This bag is absolutely gorgeous. I was visiting a friend at Singapore and happened to pop into Dior. It wasn't on display but I had the privilege to actually see them in person shown by this awesome sales person - my best ever experience with a sales person. Will definitely want to own one =)
  12. one SA told me that the official release of this bag is in June
  13. I've heard of this too!!, but my SA also told me that she has a very strong feeling that dior will pushes the release date even more future, as it has already been from February early this year... but who knows..
  14. The Diorissimo is showing on the Dior website, so might well be that it's now been officially released.

    My SA showed me this a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn't resist so ordered it.
  15. what is the size of this bag if you don't me asking? is it small or medium? I absolutely love it. Congrats