Dior Rissimo

  1. Michi_chi sorry I missed your post just now.. You are right about the Lady Dior being so rich with it's history. Which is what I like about it too. I had almost decided I wanted a Diorissimo but now.. .. I spent like the last 8 hours thinking bout this two bags and I still can't decide. T.T I really like both just can't choose which one I like more..
  2. No, the bags in the thread you refer to was for another collection. The name has been re-used, but the bags are different. The Diorissimo we are referring to was from the Cruise 2012 collection. Some of the 2006/2007 Diorissimo bags are shown here:



    The Diorissimo from the Cruise 2012 collection can be found in the Reference Library

  3. Just go to the store and carry both bags, see which you would prefer more. Personally, I would stick with the Lady Dior more because that's what I want to eventually save up for and I'm not too grabbed by the Diorissimo, but you'll know which grabs your heart more when you go to the boutique ;)
  4. Its gorgeous minimilistic and so subtle. Love it. Teddy_bear do they have many more colours in bangkok including medium sizes? Is so what colours? Is this from Paragon or Emporium?
  5. Thanks for clarification michi_chi
  6. Is 130000 THB for the small or medium? From your photo it looks like a medium..
  7. The small comes only in black and hortensia so all these pretty colors are available in either medium or large only. HTH
  8. Is hortensia a light pink? The SA showed me the black, very light grey with purple lining and a dark beige/brown color in small size. So I was wondering if there other colors that are available for small?
  9. Really? I was told small is available only in black and hortensia. I did not ask if other colors were sold out or not. Hortensia is a deep magenta color. I posted the pictures under Miss Dior thread.
  10. I think it may be medium size when someone says it has 3 size. I don't know about diorissimo when i went into shop to see lady dior. When SA told me about the price increase next day and lady dior in beige patent leather was sold out, she ask me if i want to see diorrisimo that is not showed in shop. That time it had only 2 size in shop and i didn't ask about the size cause this size is suitable for me. sorry for my poor information.
  11. I bought it from Emporium. In that time they had black and this colour in medium and deep blue in large size.

    p.s Paragon does not have dior shop. Dior has 2 shop in thailand, Emporium and Gayson.
  12. Thanks for the info! Looks like Hermes craftsmanship, which I love :smile:
  13. I think yours should be the medium too. Just wanted to check the price difference between Singapore and Thailand:smile: thanks for the info. It's about THB130000 for the small in SG now.. :cries: so sad I didn check tpf or I would have known bout e price increase on 5 March.
  14. The SA at Dior in Boston showed me this bag this afternoon. He told me it's white; however it's not that exactly white or off white . I would call it silvery white with lavender lining. It's so gorgeous. Does anyone know the price in Thailand? I'm flying to Bangkok to visit my family next month. The medium size is currently $4,200 + 6.25% Massachusetts sales tax. If anyone know the exactly current price in Bangkok, please let me know. FYI, the medium is big enough to throw you iPad in. Personally, I wouldn't throw my iPad in that bag because the iPad is quite heavy itself, plus the bag is quite delicate. :smile:
  15. I called the Emporium and they said only S ( bigger than A4 size) and M are sold in Thailand. The L size is just too big. I will visit the shop tomorrow, let's see what do I get.