Dior Rissimo

  1. :yes: Admittedly I must also say I'm quite fond of some of the new Winter 2012 colours, materials and textures.
  2. I think it can't put files or ipad in this small size but it has a big size that I think it can put them in it.
  3. Dear All,

    I am new to this Blog. I know for a fact the Diorissimo is an extremely limited style. 3800 for the Small, 4200 for the Medium and 4700 for the Large. Its an amazing item.

  4. too beautiful for words....
  5. i like your color bag too:smile:
  6. Hi ladies, I was looking at the Diorissimo in the store today and I have to say it is really really really stunning in real life. I'm very tempted to purchase the Diorissimo instead of a Lady Dior. (The only Dior bag I have right now is the Lady Dior Pouch). Can anyone tell me if Diorissimo would be an iconic bag just like the Lady Dior?

    My natural instinct tells me that I should get the Lady Dior as it is the most classic style for Dior and everyone recognizes the bag and it has been around for like 10+ years. But I have to say I like the design of the Diorissimo more and it looks really perfect on me but, there are limited pieces and no 'totally brand new' available.

    The main concern I have is whether the Diorissimo would still be sold at the boutique or will they discontinue it after a few years like the gaucho? Does the bag looks more expensive than the Lady Dior in your opinion? Which would be easier to maintain (pearlised patent grey Lady Dior or light grey Diorissimo)? Would you choose Lady Dior or Diorissimo?

    Thank you ladies for helping me make a choice. :so confused and undecided right now:
  7. It depends on which you prefer, the Diorissimo would probably be easier to maintain because it's smooth leather whereas the patent Lady Dior would be more high maintenance (can't get it wet, marks and colour stains are permanent). As averagejoe and eminere have pointed out though, the Diorissimo is currently viewable by appointment only, not sure if it's available on the boutique floor yet, because of its hefty price tag (I think another member said it was US$3800 for the small size, $4200 for the medium and $4700 for the large?), it's at a higher price range than the Lady Dior Miss Dior
  8. I've reserved the small Diorissimo at the boutique and only have until Monday to decide if I'm getting it or not. The price difference between Medium Lady Dior and the small Diorissimo is marginal. I'm just concerned about whether it would be an iconic bag and gain popularity in the years to come (I hope it will). Michi_chi which would you choose? My dream bag has always been the Lady Dior but the Diorissimo when put side by side to the Lady Dior... ... I'm totally lost
  9. I'm having the same thoughts as well, I'll go see the bags next week. I think the Diorissimo will be more practical cause it's a softer tote and bigger than the medium lady Dior but I'm going to have a hard time letting go of the lady dior.. I'm wondering if they'll keep making more of them cause they're pretty limited right now and if I wait till later, it might be harder to get. But on the other hand if they become popular, they'll probably keep making them? But it's really hard to predict what will happen, which makes this decision really difficult.
  10. Nice looking bag.... its looks like a hybrid between Lady Dior and Hermes Birkin. Has it got a history?
  11. I think it depends on your personal preference which you like better. To me, the Diorissimo has the same basic shape of the Lady Dior but in a bigger, longer, size. Like it's a modern reinterpretation of the Lady Dior which appears to be what Bill Gaytten has been doing since he started as step in Creative Director. It's simple in its elegance and can be easily paired with casual clothes and more formal wear. It's more modern whereas the Lady Dior is a timeless classic. IMO, the Diorissimo is too plain for me. It's derived from the Lady Dior, but I like the history of the Lady Dior bag (from tha caning on the chair to Lady Diana) and the quilting in itself was what appealed to me in the beginning.

    If you're worried about it being an iconic bag, it's popular at the moment, just like the Miss Dior and the New Lock, but whether or not it will continue, nobody knows. It appears because it's a reinterpretation of the shape and design of the Lady Dior though, it could be here for at least a couple of years, but I don't think you should buy a bag based on how 'popular' it is in society. Celebrities, especially, are constantly buying the latest design and fashion is constantly changing, you should buy the one that you feel you like most. Go into the boutique, carry the Lady Dior and the Diorissimo, speak to the SAs at your boutique and make a decision then ;)

    Personally, I'm still saving up for the large Cannage stitching New Lock and eventually, I'll get my Lady Dior :biggrin:
  12. I have the exact same thoughts as you too. I'm afraid if I wait longer and the bag gets more popular, the prices increase again. But if they just stop making the bag a few years later, the bag would lose it's value? The Lady Dior would be a safer bet for me as a starter. But the Diorissimo is really really beautiful and even my bf sat beside me for 1.5hrs looking at the bag and listening to the SA. You should really go see it! Thank you for feeling me.
  13. I don't think it would lose its value if they stop making it. Whether or not the bags are popular, prices will still increase because it's a more expensive collection. The Lady Dior in the UK has increased by £300, but the prices for the lower priced items haven't changed, according to the UK Dior online store. I would buy what you really like
  14. Well one thing that clearly stands out with the Diorissimo (apart from the premium quality) is that Dior is attempting to make it exclusive, more so than the LD, as viewing and ordering is by appointment and production is limited (possibly due to haute couture craftmanship). The only other brand and model that do this are the Hermes Birkin or Kelly