Dior Rissimo

  1. Do anyone know the dior Rissimo is unlimited bag from dior? my Sa told me Dior rissimo is very rare product, hard to find it. I just want to comfirm is is true or not? Can anyone tell me about it, pleaseee , thank you:smile:, because i want to purchase one
  2. It's actually called the Diorissimo, all one word.

    I started a thread for this bag in the Reference Library:


    You can also see pictrues of celebrities with the bag in the Celebrities and their Diors thread.

    As Eminere said in another post, the bag has a limited distribution at the moment, and to see it at the boutique, it has to be by appointment only (I'm guessing to their big clients).

    As well, the price exceeds the Lady Dior bag.
  3. thanks a lot:smile: i think i want one :cool:

  4. I'm with you! except i'm scared of the price tag, haha.
  5. Yes I was checked this bag yesterday and the medium size already cost $4200 and that's really scared me!! :sweatdrop:
  6. I brought Diorissimo last sunday(one day before price increase) in Thailand. It was about 130000 THB
  7. This calls for a reveal!!! :graucho: Pictures, please :biggrin:
  8. this is my DIORISSIMO in pastel color.

  9. Beautiful colour. :loves:
  10. beautfiul colour! Is this a Bois de Rose Diorissimo? If it is, we're getting more and more Bois de Rose reveals :biggrin:
  11. Nope, that's petale from Cruise 2012. Such a gorgeous colour. Congrats teddy_bear :smile:
  12. WOW!!! What a stunning bag! I love the colour combination. And from this picture, you can tell the attention to detail that has been given to making this bag. There is a very thin cord of what appears to be patent leather running along the top edge (opening of the bag) and the border around the metal CD-engraved hardware to which the handles are attached.It gives the bags very nice, clean lines.

  13. I think it's just glazing/sealant around the edges, averagejoe. :smile:
  14. I have to say, although I've not really been excited by Dior's bags since Galliano left, the colour palette is quite nice, I love the range of pinks that are coming out, they're definitely wearable with a lot of things and suit different women's tastes and preferences!

    I agree, it just looks like the reflection from the sun on the sealant/glazing to the top of the bag :smile:
  15. These are really nice bags, makes me think if I should exchange my lady Dior and try to get one of these. Do you have the measurements for the bag? Will it fit files, iPad?