Dior Resort 2013

  1. Here is the complete collection. Some looks are really really pretty and elegant!
    christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20131.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20132.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20133.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20134.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20135.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20136.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20137.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20138.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-20139.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201310.jpg
  2. More from the collection:
    christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201311.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201312.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201313.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201314.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201315.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201316.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201317.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201318.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201319.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201320.jpg
  3. Here are the last few pictures of the collection:
    christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201321.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201322.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201323.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201324.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201325.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201326.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201327.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201328.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201329.jpg christian-dior-resort-pre-spring-201330.jpg
  4. The crocodile looks stunning!

    It's nice to see the classic black Lady Dior in a new collection. The black-and-white look is simply stunning!

    I guess these clutches are here to stay. They're not bad, but just not very Dior. They go very well with the color-blocking trend.
  5. Im loving the flared skirts and leather jackets but the most croc... Amazing bag, beautiful color...
  6. I'm loving everything I see here, especially the spectator bag. Is that the Diorissimo? Those flare skirts are so pretty!!!! :smile:
  7. What is a spectator bag?
  8. I really like this collection. Great way for Bill to go out.

    Can't wait to see what Simon comes up with!!!! *smile*
  9. It is constructed with two contrasting colours - typically black with white. So I guess vink is referring to the bag in the first image of post #1.
  10. If that's the case then yes, the bag in the first picture is indeed a Diorissimo.
  11. i loved bill's time at dior, it was such a good return for the brand from the OTT designs of galliano. it obviously was well received as couture sales increased during his tenure. but im excited to see what raf will do, a modernist take on classic dior, should be spectacular!
  12. OT but I love your avatar! Who is it?
  13. Random model from obscure editorial lol. Just something i found on pinterest that encapsulates my style pretty well :smile:
  14. Hot! :smile:
  15. omg i love this collection!! so sleek and refined. i love that the silhouette is like a perfected ss 2012... the classic shapes like the tailleur bar and the 8 shape, but more fitted and curvey without the boxiness of ss 2012!!