Dior Rendez-Vous medium flap vs. Chanel classic flap

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  1. For the longest time I've been wanting a Chanel medium classic flap bag to use for evenings out and dressy events, but I've stopped in the boutique on numerous occasions and everytime I "try on" the bag it just doesn't seem to fit my personality. I love it when I see it on the shelf, but hanging on my shoulder it just doesn't suit me. Even my husband, who I think has great taste when it comes to handbags, says the bag just doesn't work on me. He really doesn't like the heavy look of the double chain strap and I think that's what keeps me from loving the bag too.

    So, today I spotted the Dior Rendez-Vous medium flap bag on the Saks website. I think it has a similar look to the Chanel I've been wanting, but maybe just a little edgier and I prefer the single, more delicate looking chain strap. For those of you who've seen this bag IRL, what do you think?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. i think the dior rendez vous is better :smile:
  3. Go for the Dior. Its classic and beautiful. Def not as heavy and it still has drool appeal :smile:
  4. i found those Chanel medium classic flap bag a bit old still. i agree dior design is more classy and timeless
  5. I prefer the chanel
  6. My vote goes to Chanel
  7. I personally prefer the Chanel, but if it's never felt right to you,, perhaps it wasn't meant to be ! :yes:
  8. Chanel is classic, and I prefer it. If it doesn't suit you though, the Dior is a great choice alternative!
  9. Personally I prefer the Dior New Lock to the Rendez-vous:

  10. Personally I would go for Chanel but if it doesnt feel good on you then by all means for rendez-vous, its a beautiful bag as well;)
  11. i agree i m drowling over all those pretty colors :drool: the red one is so sexy
  12. I agree! I prefer the look of this one, especially the red and the gray with the larger quilting, but the bag is a bit bulkier than the Rendez-Vous. I think it's 5 inches deep vs. the Rendez-Vous's 3 inch depth. I think for a dressier bag I prefer it to be less bulky, but I do love the look otherwise.
  13. The larger "quilting" isn't actually quilting, but handstitched piping all over the bag in the Cannage pattern. This is requires additional skill and craftsmanship and is what makes the Granville, Le 30 and Dior New Lock bags with this feature so special.

    The Dior New Lock bags are indeed larger overall across the sizes; however, the reason why I prefer them is that they are more spacious inside than the Rendez-vous. Don't know if you've had a chance to play with the Rendez-vous bags in real life, but all of them have "dividers" across the length of the bag built into them that, while good for organising your belongings, dramatically reduces the space available for larger items. It's fine if you're after a smart evening bag or if you're not going to be carry many items in a work bag. :smile: