Dior Rebelle

  1. I got a Dior Rebelle (silver metallic wash leather hobo)today. The SA told me that Dior is stoping to make any more Rebelle. This let me thinking if I want to keep the bag since they are not going to make any more. Does this mean the bag is "out"? too late to get this bag?

    Should I keep it?

  2. yup the Rebelle wont be in boutiques anymore i think they just hit the outlets ... that said i dont think this means this bag is out - you can see a lot of Dior lines that have been discountinued in the streets looking great on their proud owners! i guess the question here is as with any other bag - do you :heart: it? if you do, carry it no matter if its still sold or not.:yes:
  3. I have the black leather/suede rebelle bag and I love it!! I think it is a very practical bag and don't feel that it is trendy - if it fits your lifestyle then it will never be "out" to carry it. :smile:
  4. I bought the Dior Rebelle in Camel color for half price during the Dior sale at Saks. It is one of my all time favorite bags, super roomy with lots of pockets. It is also very comfortable to carry!:tup:
  5. I called re: prices of the Rebelle, the large tote is $770, the satchel is $880, these are approx., as I don't remember the exact price. I have the shoulder/hobo style in metallic (paid retail minus 30%) and I absolutely love that bag, the longer I carry it, the better I like it. It is really a functioinal bag. I'm really considering the satchel style or tote in another color. I may head over to Orlando Dior outlet this afternoon to check out the styles/colors.
  6. Thank you so much! :heart: