Dior Rebelle washed metallic leather hobo crisis

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  2. I have been dying for this bag for weeks/// Saw it on eluxury site and am kinda worried about the color/ Anyone have any expertise on this particular handbag. Its either this or the tan one that i am deciding between but i always go back to this. I just wonder if this color will be wierd (i usually go for black but i just bought the black medium gaucho ) Help me decide pleeeeeeze
  3. Have you seen this style at all in rl? I prefer it in the hobo without the messenger handle, but the standard shorter hobo handle. I love the style and I agree that khaki, tan or white look better in this style than the black. I prefer the tan over the metallic though. The tan is absolutely gorgeous in color and rather versatile. The only thing I didn't care for about this bag was how it sat on my shoulder when it was stuffed. I found it too bulky for my personal tastes. There are a couple ladies who recently purchased their bags. It'd be great to hear their opinions. ;)
  4. I did wonder about this size . so you have seen them both up close and personal? Thanks for responding. I don't know why but i keep going back to this damn bag. Any other place besides eluxury offering it do you know? I called nm and they don't have any . Guess i could call sak's . I don't live near any department stores that carry these lovely bags(thank god can you imagine the trouble i would get in if they were right in front of me). At least this slows me down a bit. Any input would be wonderful
  5. i've not seen this (or the other bags in the rebelle line) in real life yet, but from what i can tell, the colour is the same metallic silver tone used in the gaucho. (and the colour does look very lovely)

    if i remember correctly, there are pictures of the rebelle hobo somewhere, i think it was Jill who bought a green one and posted pictures of it. http://forum.purseblog.com/dior/jill-finally-bought-the-rebelle-bag-lol-29604.html
    (pictures are right on page 1 itself)

    and here are the pictures she posted up for the tan and chocolate brown rebelles:

    i hope that would be of some help in aiding your decision. ;)
    i'll probably be headed down to the dior in manchester sometime next week, so if i see the rebelle, i'll take a look and hopefully give you some feedback about it. :smile:
  6. Thank you so much i would appreciate that soooo much.
  7. I have this identical bag. I love it!!! The color is gorgeous and yes, it's close the the gaucho washed metallic (silver one, not the gold). The color is very unique in the fact that it looks great with both black and browns and just about any other color. It has some warm tones to it so it's a very rich color.
  8. Max Havoc!!!!! Thanks for the confirmation that its a great color. I debated for so long. How about the size and shape (all good right!) Well i bought it on friday and i should have it in the mail either monday or tuesday the latest. Thanks
  9. It's a good sized bag. I do have to be careful not to overstuff (I tend to toss more stuff in larger bags) it as it holds a lot. The side pockets are the perfect fit for a cell phone, car keys, or a frequently used cc, business cards, or valet ticket. I think you'll be pleased. Congrats!!!
  10. Forgot to add....I love the interior of this bag. It's a dark brown suede that feels divine.
  11. I can't wait! I was so worried about color and size (my problem is i have to order my dior online because the nearest dior retailer is about 200miles away). Now I can't wait to have it. Thanks for the quick reply
  12. Does the interior shed much. I was concerned with that too
  13. I haven't had any problems with shedding. There was a slight shed on an orange suede coin purse I had the first week or so after I got it, other than that not a bit.
  14. OH! you have to take pictures of it. i'm getting excited for you! congrats on the new bag purchase! ;)
  15. Can't wait to see it. Thanks for joining in on my addiction.