Dior Rebelle Bags 50% Off at Saks

  1. Hi Ladies:

    I also posted this in the Dior Forum. I was at Saks at the Fashion Mall in Las Vegas this morning and they have several Dior bags marked down to 50% off.

    I bought a Rebelle in Camel color. They had a few other colors in the Rebelle. They also had Dior Gauchos in Denim and other Dior bags marked down to 50% off.

    The number is (702) 733-8300. According to the SA, Maria, they just got marked down to 50% this morning.

    Have fun!:smile:
  2. Its the same story for me, I am in Ohio where there is no selection of the high end brands. Wish I was there.

    Guess thats why I relegate to the online retailers.
  3. sounds like an awesome deal! congrats!

    i'm not that familiar with style names... please post a pic! thanks!