Dior Rebelle 50% Off at Saks!!!

  1. Hi Ladies:

    I just wanted you to know that I visited Saks at the Fashion Mall in Las Vegas this morning and they have several Dior Bags on sale at 50% off! :tup:

    I bought a Rebelle Hobo in Camel color and they also had Dior Gauchos in Denim at 50% off and other Dior bags - (sorry, I got so excited over the Rebelle & Gaucho bags that I did not check out what other type of Diors they had).

    According to the SA, Maria, they just got marked down to 50% off this morning. The number is (702) 733-8300.

    Have fun!:smile:
  2. Are you serious? That's a great deal, I'm going to give them a call. Thanks for the tip!
  3. are the only gauchos on sale the DENIM ones?? no leather :/

    fashion guru..please post what you find out since your the resident expert :smile:
  4. I called and it is only the denim gauchos and it is final sale no exchanges or refunds. Great deal!
  5. ^Yeah, I just got off the phone and that's what the SA said. The medium is about $590, which is a really good deal.
  6. Hi Ladies:

    They also had the Dior Mini Gauchos for sale in denim. They are very cute!!!!:smile:

    Starbuxxx - When I bought my Rebelle this morning for 50% off, they didn't say anything about a final sale w/no returns. I just checked my receipt and it also does not say anthing about that.:confused1:

    I LOVE my Rebelle!!! Hope you ladies get some good buys!!
  7. ^ yeah, strange...Saks never has said all sales are final....thats just absurb. Even Neimans allows you to return things on sale, one year later. I found a pair od dior shoes unworn in the back of my closet, had customer service fax me a copy of the reciept and took them back and got my full refund, I bought them over a year ago and forget about them LOL....

    denim gauchos are a good deal, too bad I dont like denim bags.
  8. That's good to know. My friend called her Saks in New Jersey and they told her the same thing over the phone - final sale - no returns or exchanges. If the receipt doesn't state it then they can't enforce it. Thanks!
  9. Great deals!
  10. fabulous deals! thanks for sharing, i need to call my SA, ASAP!
  11. hmmm i asked my friend to buy me the denim gaucho in medium... and he told me it was like 40% off..that's in Saks NY. so if he already got that bag for me, can he ask for the 50% off? i mean, like tell the SA to refund the extra off? hehe... hope there is such a thing! waaaaaaaaaaaah
  12. how much are the denim gaucho? and the mini gaucho? tnx ladies!
  13. Any Rebelles left? Anyone know if there are any available at Saks NYC?
  14. Mimi - I can only speak for Saks in Las Vegas, but when I bought my Rebelle there yesterday they had a Rebelle Hobo in black and another one in chocolate. They also had a few Rebelle totes? (the ones with the double handles). I saw one in a really pretty metallic color and another one in an off white color. The SA told me that all of their Rebelles were on sale, and I think that they had a few more in the back.

    Hope this helps!:smile:
  15. how much were the rebelles?