Dior ready to wear more common

king of haute

Aug 18, 2010
toronto ontario, canada
I been noticing over the last year that Dior's rtw has been popping up in a wider variety of retailers. From what I remember there were only a few Dior boutiques in the US that had the ready to wear and now I am seeing more of it in independent boutiques like jeffery in new york, maxfield in LA and the Webster in Miami. I have also seen it an Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills in the Designer collections floor....however I find it really strange that none of these stores sell the accessories excluding shoes....any thoughts as to why. Naturally I'd think that Dior with its increased exclusivity would want to sell its clothing in its own boutiques????


May 17, 2014
This is purely based on my own observation but I think they tweak a little in their marketing strategy since Raf took over. Even in Europe, Dior RTW appeared in small multi-brand concept environment in few places. I think it is a smart strategy to make people took notice of the directional change of the house and makes it more appealing towards younger fashionable crowd (each piece can be mixed and matched with any other piece from other brand to complete a look). As RTW is the most disposable product category due to seasonality and trend compared to other products (watches, jewelry, bags etc) I think it is a smart move as long as it is done elegantly. Shoes are usually made available to complete a look. Placing handbags and accessories in multi-brand environment is probably more delicate (product knowledge of SA, after-sales service, warranty etc) and take a lot more effort to ensure it is presented in line with the brand philosophy. Being a fan of the brand for so long I am totally okay with the idea of them reaching out to the masses for the RTW. I took comfort in knowing that they always have Haute Couture that will always be guarded and discreet.

I know that Colette in Paris stocked Dior since Raf's first collection in very small number (usually 3-5 looks). They sell out very fast and never go on sale (I presumed they return it back to Dior to do the sale on their own). Dior Homme has recently appeared in small multi-brand store too and online via LVR.

(This is my own observation and not fact so take it with a pinch of salt)