Dior rain sunglasses... anybody have it?

  1. ooh, those are very cute!! I like the crystal raindrops very much. I don't own these, but, in my opinion all Dior sunnies are winners!!

    In regards to the crystals falling out; if you keep the glasses in their case when you are not wearing them I don't see why they could not have a long life.
  2. I love all Dior sunnies too, but I have yet to own a pair! I am hesitant about buying sunglasses online as without trying them on, there's no guarantee they'll look good, as my face is tiny so all these large styles look humongous on me, haha.
  3. WOW they are nice:drool: I just got the Spidior sunnies.
    I like these better:confused1:
  4. I love Dior sunnies too and i have!
  5. Anybody know if Nordstroms has these?