Dior Quality vs. Fendi Quality

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  1. In my ever on-going decision between the Gaucho and the B Bag... I was curious about the quality of these bags.

    I have a Dior Gambler that isn't necessarily the "greatest, well-made bag." It's nice, but sometimes I look at it and think it looks like it could have been made better. Especially the leather and stitching on the handles. And I know it's not a fake.

    I've never had a Fendi--so I don't know about their quality. If you have a Fendi--I'd appreciate getting input on their quality. And if you have the Gaucho and/or have seen it--let me know what you think.

  2. I actually don't know the answer to this question but suggest waitlisting both bags, and then visiting the bags on the same day and checking them out.

    I have read blogs with people commenting on the Fendi spy bag leather quality not being as good as they would have hoped etc. however I cannot speak from personal experience.
  3. It may depend on what color spy bag you decide on. The color on my cognac bag is fading near the mouth, so I had to get it treated with a moisturizer to prevent further wear... You wouldn't have to worry about that with patent leather on the B bag though. Reviewing your other thread, I think the B bag would be a better investment than the gaucho.
  4. Thanks Riotstar--I should keep my eye on the prize, i.e. the B bag. The Dior guy at NM promised to give me a call when the Gaucho comes in just so I can look at it and then figure out if I'm really interested. I think I'm drawn to the white color of the Gaucho....

    The B Bag is probably a better option for me. I want the small/medium sized satchel-style in tan & black patent. Hopefully it'll work out. I just hope that the two other women in front of me on the waiting list don't want that one too!
  5. No problem! I'm so excited for you! I'm still a student so I doubt there will be many opportunities to mix and match with that bag. Nevertheless, I put myself on the waitlist for the same colored bag bc I wanted to see it in person. (It's the only one I find absolutely gorgeous... :love: ) Most likely, I'll have to pass it up. Otherwise, my parents should strongly consider disowning me than put up with my expenses.
  6. Sounds like you appreciate your parents and their willingness to support you! I'm really curious to see the B bag in person--did they give you an ETA when you waitlisted? My NM was clueless....
  7. Eta?
  8. Estimated Time of Arrival :P
  9. Ohhh... She guessed around early March (but I wouldn't trust that date) since the bag in this particular color is in such demand. The SA I normally see whenever I drop by wasn't working that day, and the one who took down my name looked sorta clueless. Then she started speaking to me in Korean when I wrote my name down. That was so professional of her! *sarcasm* And yet, so Korean.
  10. I started cracking up Riotstar at your "professional" comment because I'm Korean too! But a TOTAL twinkie. Everyone who meets me tells me I"m soooooooooo not Korean or even Asian. Anyways, that doesn't really happen to me cause I think people seem to pick up that I speak absolutely no Korean. When it does happen I figure they're just trying to be friendlier or somthing... I think it would be best if they just waited for the customer to speak in the language though.
  11. I'm very white-washed too (which doesn't help when you're in the Korean Mecca of the US). I get by only bc I watched k-dramas in high school. It's an ordeal when I have to talk to my grandparents.
  12. At least you can SPEAK to your grandparents! When my grandparents were still alive, I couldn't... It was nice that they all spoke some English. I don't even know how to count to 10 in Korean! Terrible, I know...