Dior Promenade Pochette or Hermes Constance Mini?

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  1. It seems like over the years, I've just started carrying less and less, and my purses have shrunk as well to a medium Lady Dior. Lately, I've been thinking that even the LD was too roomy as I rarely seem to fill it up, and I've considered downsizing even more.

    I fell in love with the old Promenade pochette with the rounded edges, but I've always been meh about the new design with the structured piping and all. Whereas recently, I'm kind of loving the rounded shape of the Constance (like on Chiara).

    However, a big issue is obviously the huge price disparity; the Constance is nearly 4 times as much as the Dior. As for dimensions, both bags are around the same height, but I believe the Constance is 3cm shorter than the Promenade.

    I know that posting in the Dior forum may tilt the responses, but I would love to hear all thoughts and both sides.

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  2. If price was not an issue then definitely the Hermes. So beautiful!

    But if you are just looking for a classy bag of that size, then the Miss Dior is better bang for your buck. It looks classy and is very practical.
  3. constance, definitely
  4. The Constance is gorgeous, chic and timeless, but the Promenade is a beautiful small bag too. I think the Constance is a better daily bag option and Promenade is great for weekends, events and whenever you need a beautiful small bag. Good luck deciding.
  5. Constance!
  6. I was thinking of the Constance myself! But after much deliberation, I went with a LD mini as I had apprehensions on the huge H in front of the Constance.

    I also considered Celine's box bag but couldn't find a colour I really liked.
  7. Great choice! Pictures please!!! :biggrin:
  8. Constance, no doubt.
  9. No; I'd go with Dior. I'm not a fan of in your face branding, and the Constance seems to me to be just that.

    I also dislike the Hermes bag with the H in holes punched in the leather, whose name presently eludes me.

    However, I am very happy with my Double Sens, which has very discreet identification, and I've been giving a lot of thought to the Victoria II bag. Of course of these are big bags but the principle remains the same :smile: