DIOR private sale

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  1. I've posted at Deal & Steals too...

    I went to Dior store yesterday and asked wheter they had pre-sale. and the SA whispered to me that they were having private sale. I dunno why they made it sounds so secret..

    well, I bought the diorissimo just for $395!and the smaller one for my sister just $234!:yahoo:I also saw the flight edition and the ones with dior charm.
    but I forgot to ask about the shoe>.<'

    and they told me that they would have public sale on November 30..
  2. wow!!! what kind of diorissimo did you bought? Did you notice if they have the diorissimo boston bag? i really want the boston bag.. thanks
  3. kringey, that's the one I bought for $395 before tax!
    but they just have in pink and orange, i bought the orange one:smile:
    n they told me that they just have 2 or 3 boston bags..so, my suggestion is you better hurry....!!!!!hehehe

    good luck:smile:
  4. Thanks PinkPudding... I might go to the city tomorrow and check the boutique store and neiman marcus...
  5. ur welcome:smile:
    tell me what u get after that...hehe
  6. yr soo lucky :biggrin: congrats
  7. Pinkpudding, I went to neiman marcus and the store besides gucci to check the dior bags thats on sale. I didnt find anything good, the diorissimo boston bag is too small for me.
  8. I just got invited to the private sale in their London outlet!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Has anyone gone to these private sale previews? Is it really worth going?

    FYI, the private sale on London will be on 6-10th of December and the official sale will be on the 27th of December.
  9. :nuts::nuts:

    OH MY! now i wish i could go too! unfortunately no private sale invite for me.
    please do update us on what was on sale there. :drool::drool:
  10. Will you post pics for us? I would love to see them!
  11. zerodross,
    i dun think that u will need to be invited. Well i dun know in UK, but i didnt received any invitation either. I just came in to the store and asked;)
    so why dun u just try?:smile:
  12. ^^ Yup, it's always better to call your store in Manchester, they might have diffirent dates than in London.

    I agree with Pinkpudding, I don't think it's THAT private. They aren't going to close the store or anything, and they certainly won't turn people away that just happen to be in the store that day. ;)
  13. wow, thanks so much for the info pinkpudding and chrystalline. i'll definitely call up the dior in manchester to check with them. the dior (which is inside selfridges) is pretty small though, nonetheless, i guess i'll call them up either way (plus i would then be able to check on those limited edition 12-countries saddle bags too).

    if you don't mind me asking chrystalline, how does one go about getting a private invite from dior? i'm assuming you'd have to shop at the boutique tonnes of times before they deem you worthy or something along those lines.
  14. You only have to buy at the London outlet. I don't think purchase price will matter, the SA's will ask you if you're listed with them so that they can notify you for sales or if new stocks are available and they send you catalogues for the next season before they hit the stores. I'm not a frequent shopper at all so i guess I don't qualify for the seasonal catalogues but my boss who is a investment banker had a massive bonus last year and bought loads of stuff from dior (bags, suits, fur coats, the works ;)) got invited to the Paris shows the next season! how exciting is that?! So, i guess, it's a good idea to let Dior know that you're a customer and a fan. ;)
  15. wowsers, sounds like a dream boss - well provided the catalogues get passed on. ;)
    thanks for the tip chrystalline! :flowers: it's probably a good motivation for me to get something from the dior boutique then. how i wish that pre-christmas selfridges sale covered dior items too. *grouses*