DIOR private sale

  1. I went to Dior yesterday to ask when will be their pre-sale. then the SA whispered to me that they are having private sale.
    I dunno why they make it sounds so secret, lol...

    there are 40% off handbags and wallets.
    I bought the diorissimo just for $395! and I saw some flight edition and the ones with dior charm.
    but I forgot to ask about the shoes>.<
  2. What a bargain! Too bad there's no dior boutique near me :sad: I'd have to go to NYC and I have no time to go up there until after new years.
  3. Is it possible to phone order? Is it exclusive to the SF Dior Boutique? Thanks!!
  4. I dont think that it's exclusive for SF,SonyaPhi..
    maybe u could try to call them and ask:smile:
  5. was at sf dior..nothing spectacular there...although ive never been a fan of dior.
  6. Wow, thats a great deal! I am lemming some of their bags right now...hmmmm