dior (private) sale in singapore

  1. thought i'd just give the PFers in Singapore a heads up about the dior sale. got a postcard/flier from them in the mail today and they're having their end of the year sale i guess. here are the details.

    Date: 5th & 6th December 2007 (Wednesday & Thursday)
    Locations: Ngee Ann City (10.30am - 9pm), Takashimaya (10am - 9.30pm), DFS Scotts Walk (10am - 10pm), Isetan Scotts (10am - 9.30pm)

    i'll prolly drop by the main store in ngee ann city and the dfs branch (just to visit my SA) so if of you lovely PFers would like to meet up or go check out the sale together, i'll definitely be up for it. :yes::heart: and i'll promise to give a full report to the rest of you dior addicts about which lines are on sale.
  2. that would be great I am off to the outlet on Sunday and I will try to take pix and remember prices ..
  3. i wanna go ... why didnt i receive any postcard from dior at all? hmmm .. maybe i had a quarrel with the ngee ann's SA last time .. they didnt wanna invite me anymore :crybaby::crybaby:
  4. i was there last month ,, unlucky that time
  5. zero .. u been there already? how much is the sales up to? is the sale open to everyone or members only?
  6. hi purlin, nope, i've not been down to the store yet since i just finished my exams just today and the sale starts on 5th december, so yup, there's still plenty of time to work your schedule round it.

    i think it's open to anyone really, just that like most designer stores, they don't publicly announce that they're having a sale (it's just like how in paris during sale season, if you purchase the sale goods at ave montaigne, they give you a white paper bag with no "DIOR" printed on the paper bag.. i guess labels have a thing with keeping their exclusive/high-end status).

    if i remember correctly from the dec sale last year, it's possibly up to 50% off. be prepared for older lines though, but as a rule of thumb, what goes on sale in the US and UK seems to be the same lines that goes on sale here in Singapore. last year, the lines on sale were diorissimo (certain colours), dior detective, dior flight, monogram saddles, etc. i think generally speaking, it's a good time to get some dior (costume) jewelry during sale season, or shoes or wallets for that matter.

    i think you can ring up the SAs at taka to ask about the lines that are going on sale coz i did that last year since i was not in Singapore then. i know the SA very kindly emailed me the list of lines going on sale. and as for being on their mailing list, just give them a ring and say you bought something there previously and the SA who served you promised to put you on the mailing list but you've not gotten anything. they'll ask for your details again and put you on the mailing list. ;)
  7. hi zero ... u not in singapore now? hmm .. i think i will just drop by the stores this weekend and check it up .....
  8. oh .. my SA just called me ... she said romantique, dior lady line are not sale items .. gaucho is on sale .... i going down on wed to have a look ;)
  9. thanks for the heads up purlin! i'll be there on wednesday too! was down at the dfs branch yesterday and spoke to my SA. she basically said that the bags on display at the moment aren't going to be on sale - that means, romantique, lady dior, cannage, ethnic (of the top of my head) aren't on sale. i didn't see any jeannes so i'm hoping (i know it's pointless) that they will be on sale.

    seeya on wednesday! will you be at the main taka branch? i'll prolly drop by all 3 since they're within walking distance of each other, plus it'd be nice to drop by the dfs branch to say hi to my favourite SAs.
  10. yea .... i like jeannes also ... then what are on sales? dun tell me only some silly key chains on sale only .... thats what happened to the isetan private sale .... no bags on sale ...

    when are you going tmr? maybe i can meet you there
  11. seems like you ladies will have loads of fun tomorrow. pls update us if you see anything of interest! I'm on a luxury ban at this moment... sighz
  12. u are so banned madam tan!!!! there is a terrible news!!!!:sad::sad:
  13. u are banned madam tan!!!! there is a terrible news!!!!:sad::sad:
  14. i just came back for dior sale ...
    romantique (entire range), lady dior (i saw pink), cannage, diorissimo (certain style) .. the plastic looking boston (sorry dun know the name) plus some others ....all on 30% off .. while stock last ..

    i am thinking if i should get the romantique brown shopper .. SG651 ...:confused1:

    the SA there told me, the romantique trotter will not be re-produced anymore, it will be replaced by the heart-lock trotter ...
  15. sorry, the gaucho on sale also .... .. the gaucho kinda look macho to me ..