Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. hi. may i know in asia where is the cheapest to get lady dior. what about Europe or US?
  2. This is great! :smile: Hopefully more will add to your list.

  3. Dior Granville small €1750
  4. dior price soring like chanel and hermes now
  5. Updated. Suggestions are welcome :biggrin:

    Lady Dior Mini:
    Singapore: SGD 3000

    Lady Dior Medium:
    Australia: AUD 3,400
    Belgium: € 2100 October 2011
    Canada: $ 3200 July 2011
    Greece: € 2100 November 2011
    Hong Kong: HKD 27,000
    Singapore: SGD 4400
    Thailand: THB 100,800
    USA: $3100

    Lady Dior Large:
    Australia: AUD 3900
    Belgium: € 2400 October 2011
    Canada: $3700 July 2011
    France: € 2400 August 2011
    Greece: € 2500 November 2011
    Hong Kong: HKD 30,000
    Singapore: SGD 5000
    USA: $3600

    New Lock Small:
    Australia: AUD 2250 June 2011

    Dior Granville Small:
    Australia: AUD 2800
    Europe: € 1750 November 2011
    Hong Kong: HKD 22,000
    Singapore: SGD 3700

    Dior Granville Medium:
    Australia: AUD 3200
    France: € 2000 August 2011
    UK: £ 1850 November 2011

    Miss Dior Small:
    Short Chain:
    Germany: € 2100
    Malaysia: RM 10,XXX
    Singapore: SGD 4500
    UK: £ 2000

    Long Chain:
    Malaysia: RM 11,XXX
    Singapore: SGD 4900

    Miss Dior Medium:
    France: € 2300

    Dior Soft Shopping Tote:
    Australia: AUD 2800
    Singapore: SGD 3500
    USA: $ 2500
    UK: £1,600

    Panarea Tote Medium:
    Australia: AUD 1250

    Panarea Messenger:
    Australia: AUD 1300
    Singapore: SGD 1700

    Charming Lock Messenger:
    Australia: AUD 1400

    Lady Dior Large Wallet
    Australia: AUD 820

    6 Key Holder
    Canada: $ 260
  6. medieum increased as 2200
    and the big one is 2500 since this morning
  7. this was bound to happen right before the holidays! Lady Diors seem to increase three times a year. how fitting since Chanel may increase their prices for classics tomorrow in the US.
  8. does anyone know whether the prices of lady dior are going to increase by January 2012 in the middle east? i live in Bahrain and i really want to get one by january !! thanks alot :heart:
  9. Hello,

    Could anyone tell me the price for the Dior Granville Large in Canada? Also, for the Lady Dior Wallet on Chain? Thank you.
  10. Medium Lady Dior £2100, Heathrow T5 £1750.
  11. will lady dior price increase next year?
  12. I think it's a bi-yearly or at least once a year affair now actually.
  13. I am new for Dior, Does anyone know the price of :

    - Lady Dior "10 Lambskin,Patent Leather,Silver Hardware-Howmuch for EUR and GBP
  14. Price increase in last week
    Lady dior medium is €2200
  15. Hi, does anyone know the price for Panarea canvas medium tote in euro? I went to boutique today in Malaysia, the price is RM3800 and the SA warned me the price is going to increase soon again by 10% - 15%!