Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. Hi, anyone know the price of medium LD in Dubai? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi ... Could someone help with price in aud and hkd for the new lock wallet??? Thanks heaps!
  3. Hi. Can anyone advise on the cost of a large New Lock and small Granville in USD?
  4. Hi Dior lovers, I'm hoping to find out the price of Dior soft shopping tote bag price in San Francisco or USA in general. I'm tempted to call up the boutique, but I'm not sure if they would advise on the price over the phone!

  5. What about Lady Dior :

    Mini 7" and 10" in euro

    Anyone ?
  6. I'm not sure as I am not from the US, but I believe that the Dior Soft shopping tote is $2400 (I may be a bit off).

    As for the mini Lady Dior, it is probably around $2600.

    You can call your local Dior boutique to get the actual prices. My SA from Dior @ Holts tells me the prices on the phone if I ask.
  7. Thanks! I'm actually located in Singapore, so I'll probably stay up to call Bloomingdales then.. :smile:
  8. Bloomingdales can send it overseas?
  9. Im not too sure if Bloomingdales do send overseas, you might want to check their websites.

    Anyway, i got the price for Dior Soft Shopping Tote, its US$2,500 before taxes.
  10. Can anyone tell the retail price for medium Lady Dior in Italy/France/England, that is before tax refund? TIA!
  11. does anyone know the price for lady dior in Canada?
  12. According to previous post in July 2011:

    Medium Lady Dior CAD$3200
    Large Lady Dior CAD$3700
  13. thanks
  14. Anyone knows the price of a small Miss Dior in London or Munich? Thanks!
  15. Hello,

    The price of the small Miss Dior with short strap is 2000 pounds after VAT.