Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

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  1. A selection of Lady Dior bags are available at either Sydney location.

    For more information on the Lady Dior you should do a search; there are countless threads on the forum with helpful information.
  2. The store as far as I know stocks all the current season bags. I purchased my Medium Lady Dior in Lambskin 2 months ago and I absolutely adore it. I have used it only a handful of times and am extremely careful coz it's Lambskin.
    All I can say is that if u want the Lambskin Dior as an everyday bag I wouldn't recommend it.
    The reason I bought the Lady Dior is because i wanted a bag that would be in style year after year. For everyday use I purchased a Panarea Tote and a Soft Dior Shopping tote in Patent. I hope this helps:smile:
  3. does anyone know the current price of Miss Dior in AUD and Canada??

    going on a trip to canada not sure where i should buy it from :S
  4. $3200
  5. lambskin does scratch but it can be refurbished through the Dior boutique or a trusty local leather repair shop. stains can be removed. your other option is patent leather but while it does not scratch as easily certain stains are permanently embedded due to the nature of the coating.
  6. That price is definitely not the AUD price.
  7. Malaysia

    Miss Dior Lambskin short chain RM (Malaysian Ringgit) 10,XXX

    Miss Dior Lambskin long chain RM 11,XXX
  8. Any Idea on the Miss Dior clutch in lambskin? and when it will be available..
    many thanks!
  9. Doesn't come in plain lambskin for clutch.
  10. thank you so much :smile:
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking into purchasing a zip around wallet and found the lovely red quilted zipped Lady Dior wallet on Dior.com with no pricing though. Does anybody know if it comes in any other colours and how much it is in either USD or CAD? Many thanks in advance! :smile:
  12. I'm not sure what the CAD or USD prices are (probably between $700 - $900), but I've seen them in a variety of different colours including black, coral, sapphire, blue-grey, and purple. The ones that I've seen are in patent leather.