Dior Prices Worldwide - CHAT

  1. Medium Lady Dior CAD$3200,
    Large Lady Dior CAD&3700.
  2. Anyone knows how much are the LDs in HK? Tks
  3. Medium: 27,000hkd
    Large: 30,000hkd
  4. Thanks!
  5. Paris 2011 in August

    Lady Dior large in patent leather- 2400 €
  6. could someone tell me how much the lady dior xlarge shopper bag goes for? in USD? thank you :smile:
  7. Can anyone please tell me how much is the lady dior in pounds? Thanks!
  8. dior granville medium is now 2000 euro in ITALY/FRANCE
  9. Lady Dior Medium
    Singapore (14/8/11)
    4,400 SGD
    And if you are a tourist, you can get 7% tax refund. The net price is 4,159SGD
  10. Singapore

    Miss Dior lambskin short chain s$4,500
    Long chain s$4,900.
  11. Hi,

    I'm a newbie to Dior and I'm really interested in purchasing a Lady Dior. Where else can you buy Dior in Australia aside from the mini boutiques in David Jones? Are there any flagship boutiques here? Thank you!
  12. There are no flagship boutiques in Australia yet. All Dior boutiques in David Jones and DFS Galleria are concessionaires and are completely owned and operated by Dior.
  13. Hi.....I usually buy from Dior at THE ROCKS
    Their address is 155, George St, Sydney
    They are really happy to email u pics of the bags that u r interested in, if u are unable to go to their boutique.
    Hope this helps:smile:

    TELEPHONE: +61 2 *9251 9458
  14. Is the selection quite big? I'm interested in a medium lady dior in lambskin. Is Dior Lambskin hard to maintain? and would you say its durable? Thanks so much for your help - much appreciated!
  15. Oh ok, thanks for that!