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  1. Hello,
    would anyone know the current price for this Dior Crosierre wallet?
    And If this style is difficult to sell or trade
    It was in 2016 winter collection I think

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  2. Hi all,
    Is Dior cheaper in Hawaii compared to mainland prices? I've read somewhere that recently designer bags are not necessarily cheaper from Hawaii anymore... except of course for the savings with taxes. Would appreciate any info. Thanks!
  3. [​IMG] hello girls:smile:
    does anyone know the price for this sneakers in europe?
  4. I am interested in a small dior wallet like the French, Eden or elancee wallets. Would anyone be able to share the prices on these in USD? Thank you!
  5. Hi does anyone know what the price of a medium Diorama metallic micro cannage is in Hong Kong? Thanks!!
  6. Hello, anyone know how much the Dior 21st costs in the US?
  7. They are 690€ [emoji8]
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  8. What is the price of the Lady Dior and the Supple Lady Dior in Canada (medium size) does anybody know?
  9. Hi, last time I checked which was a couple of months back, was approximately $4600.
  10. I am interested in the small size lady dior (not the mini which I believe only comes with a chain strap. Is the small called the my lady dior. Can you purchase the bag without the customizable buttons and what is the price different if any between a plain one and a customizable one. TYA!
  11. Does anyone know the price of the new bag straps that coming in? The one with the medallions?
  12. I dont think MLDs with the plain straps are available anymore unfortunately. You can always buy it with the pins and flip the strap inside out when you wear them so theyre not visible
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  13. Oh that is too bad. Do you know the price of the my lady dior in the us. TYA!
  14. Unfortunately i dont. Im sure someone from the US here will come along and let you know. Otherwise you back a couple of pages, someone might have asked this question already.