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  1. Found one - I had this saved on my phone so sorry I can’t recall where I got it from to credit.

    Mini, small, medium, large

  2. OMG! Thanks so much! The SA only showed me the WOC and told me there was another size up. But when she told me the price, it was definitely en par to a small. Going to go back and ask about the mini. Thanks again :heart:
  3. I’m not sure if mini is still actively being produced. Lately I’ve only seen it in black leather (from Raf Simons) and the rest have been exotics.

    Good luck though! It’s such a cute size.

  4. +1 does anyone know the price of mini lady dior in HK? Will be going there end of this year TIA
  5. Hi all, is there anyone can advise the price in EUR for this Dior Arty Veil Cap in Black? This style is totally sold out in Singapore stores....thanks

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  6. It’s MYR 18500
  7. Hi
    Thank you
    Do you think know the price for Diorama medium and My Lady Dior
    Thank you so much
  8. Wow! That's super expensive compared to other countries!
  9. Actually...super expensive compared to Europe maybe...not the US. 18500 MYR is $4650 US dollars.

    The US price is $4450 BUT almost everyone has to pay sales tax in in the US so adding 5-8% or more can mean a total price of $4672 to $4800+ depending on where you live (if shipped to you) or where you purchase if you buy in a store. That means the US price is atleast the same!
  10. Last time I checked My Lady Dior in Feb 2018 in Singapore it was 5200 SGD incl tax.
    MYR 18500 is 6250 SGD. Quite the difference for Asia. 1000 SGD is 745 USD.
  11. I believe @ayutilovesGST is mentioning the price for Lady Dior Medium.
    SGD5,200 is for My Lady Dior price = Small :smile:
  12. Maybe... one needs to specify. LOL
  13. What is the current prices of the following Dior bags in the US and Japan? TIA.
    My Lady Dior
    Medium Lady Dior
  14. Hi again, does anyone know the EURO price for this? Thanks
  15. Ok found it, pls ignore or kindly delete it...thanks
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