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  1. Everything in Canada is expensive..........
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  2. Does anyone know the price of a medium lady Dior in supple leather with champagne hardware cost, in US dollars and euros in Paris? Thank you!
  3. Great. Yes agree, Dior has excellent customer service. We don't have any store in my country and they have checked availability for items for me in the EU, put me in contact with an SA at a store where they have the item so I could get the item shipped to me. They have also arranged for items to be reserved for me at stores when I have travelled.
  4. Hello,

    Does anyone know the price of the Mitzah scarf in the USA? Thanks :biggrin:
  5. Hi! Would you happen to know the price of Diorama WOC in Amsterdam?
    Thank you!!
  6. it depends on which one
    mine was 1250 and others were 1550
  7. Thank you!
    Is that depending on the leather - regular v metallic, or something else?
  8. I think studs
  9. Hi, does anyone knows the price of MLD in Taiwan ? TIA.
  10. Hi, going to Hong Kong this summer, so I'm wondering: how do prices in HK compare to EU?
  11. Hi, does anyone know how much is the Mini Lady Dior price in Australia now?
  12. Went to the Dior store in Toronto today to check out the micro cannage Dioramas. The SA showed me the WOC and the size up - small. I thought there was a size in between, a mini? Or am I mistaken?
  13. The Baby pouch is the size in between the WOC and the small I think. It doesn't have a sliding chain.
  14. Thanks! I just wanted to confirm because Brag My Bag reported that there was a mini. But I’m looking specifically for the micro-cannage line.

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  15. There definitely is a MINI Diorama. It still has the sliding chain unlike the WOC Pouch, croisiere , and baby.

    Let me find a photo.
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