Dior presale - world wide

  1. First of all, I believe it is world wide.
    The presale started today; included are the St Germain, Rebelle and Vintage logo lines. 40% off marked retail. The official sale starts on May 25th but go put the bag you love on hold first because my lovely SA told me that they will likely sell out the items before the official sale even begins.
  2. thanks for the heads up
  3. Thank you for sharing with us. May I ask where are you located Dior Junkie?
  4. Detective bags are 40% off too, I just ordered one from the Costa Mesa Boutique.
  5. You're welcome. :smile: I'm in Canada ;)
  6. Does anyone know if this includes mens wallets? And if so will they ship a purchase?

  7. does this include the medium detective bag fashion_guru? :wtf:
  8. Does this include costume jewlery or just bags?
  9. wow!
    wondering if Singapore is included....
  10. Is the Lady Dior Pochette with Chain Strap going to be on sale too? I saw this cutie at SCP Dior this past weekend, and I want:heart:
  11. thanks for the heads up!!!
  12. Yes it does, all the colors are on sale. I ordered one in red, to replace the fake one i got off eBay. And yes, they do ship.
  13. I belive mens items are sold only at dior homme botiques ( not at dior botiques). You should call the nearest dior homme botiques to find out if they have sale on small leather goods:yes:
  14. The sale just started in Kuala Lumpur but the stuff on sale wasn't much. Lots of wallets were 50% and very limited bags at 30%
  15. wowza! :yahoo::yahoo:
    if you don't mind me asking fasion_guru, how much did the detective cost after the discount? and do they ship internationally?

    and of course, thanks for the heads up! :smile: