Dior Pre-Fall 2014

  1. This ad campaign is actually for Spring 2013. I'm not sure which colours are for Spring 2014, but the ones that I have seen are very vibrant.

    Still, I think that the colour of this Miss Dior is Rose Poudre, and that should still be available at boutiques (it may have been carried over, or at least leftover stock may still be there).
  2. Thank you v.much:smile: I hope to find it in my local Dior boutique
  3. I like the shoes! The black one with gold wedges. Anyone seen the flower printed Lady Dior already?
  4. Im in love with these coats. The astrakhan and the military green ( and a few others) unzip in the middle, and become short jackets. :smile: I was quoted the astrakhan will be in the $70,000 range-ish.
  5. The military green jacket is really unique. The astrakhan is really pricey, but worth it for anyone who can afford it because unlike some fur jackets, this one looks very youthful and modern.
  6. I agree! I went in to inquire about the green military coat that's going to be in the $6000-7000 range . while I was there I just had to find out what they were going to ask for that astrakhan beauty.
  7. Woweee! Collection. So sophis!
  8. Here are some of the Pre-Fall 2014 accessories. The hand-painted Lady Dior bags and the pony Diorissimo bags are so beautiful!
    christian-dior01.jpg christian-dior02.jpg christian-dior03.jpg christian-dior04.jpg christian-dior05.jpg christian-dior06.jpg christian-dior07.jpg christian-dior08.jpg christian-dior09.jpg christian-dior10.jpg
  9. More from the collection:
    christian-dior11.jpg christian-dior12.jpg christian-dior13.jpg christian-dior14.jpg christian-dior15.jpg christian-dior16.jpg
  10. Some more bags from the Pre-Fall 2014 collection
    219105.jpg 219106.jpg 219107.jpg 219108.jpg 219109.jpg 219110.jpg 219111.jpg 219112.jpg 219113.jpg 219114.jpg
  11. A few more...
    219115.jpg 219116.jpg 219117.jpg 219118.jpg 219119.jpg
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    @averagejoe thank you so much for sharing.

    Those hand-pained LD took my breath away. Look like I'll have a sleepless night tonight. Just wondering anyone knows when they will be available & its price range.

    I hope the black mini LD also comes in medium. Love at first sight :love::love::love:

    Pre-Fall 2014 - handpainted mini LD 2.jpg

    Pre-Fall 2014 - handpainted medium LD 2.jpg
  13. Pre-Fall is usually available beginning mid-late July. You should contact your Dior sales associate to reserve one of these bags, since they will probably be rare (and not every boutique/concession may get one).

    I would assume that the hand-painted versions cost more than the original. Maybe between $4200-$4700. The black version should be available in medium as well.
  14. @averagejoe thank you, I'll contact my SA tomorrow. I can't wait to see them IRL. :lol:
  15. Some pre-fall diorissimo bags
    IMG_2521.jpg IMG_3514.jpg IMG_3662.jpg IMG_3996.jpg