Dior pom-poms

  1. what do u think of these shoes? :amuse: They are Dior from spring 05.



    did anyone here get these?
  2. HOLY...........????.........A bit too much for me..LOL.....Need sunglasses to wear them..hee,hee
  3. the socks and pompoms look like something out of victoria's secret's pink collection :P:shrugs:

  4. ^how cute!!!
  5. Not for me......
  6. At first no, but now ... I think I would wear the pink pom pom shoes.... Don't know how or when but they are super cute!
  7. I think they're ridiculously adorable, but I wouldn't ever wear them!

  8. agreed ... they look cute and fun but dont think i would ever wear them
  9. I'd wear the heels, but not the boots.
  10. They look cute, but I'd never wear them out.
  11. The boots are awful IMO, but I loooooove the shoes.
  12. They are fun and cute...but I also could never wear them...I like those socks though!
  13. LOL! I love these boots and shoes but could never wear them!