Dior Plisse Tote- What do you think?

  1. Okay, so i got the new Neiman Marcus book for fall stuff and this bag has been haunting my every thought.. Havn't decided what color i like best or even if i think it's worth the money($1995), and the saving, and the starving it would cost to attempt to get it.. but we'll see ;)

    What does everyone else think?


    Shown in light grey and black. I think the detailing is beautiful!

    Oh, and you know it's bad when you're in love with the matching shoes as well hahaha ($650)

  2. love the shoes. why don't you post this in the dior subforum though?
  3. I think both bag and shoes are terrific, although I only like the bag in black - the white looks completely different to my eyes. What else do you have your eye on? Is saving for this one going to mean nothing else and masses of sacrifice? If so, do you love it that much? Sorry - I've turned into the grand inquisitor all of a sudden! I'll shut up now . . .
  4. I think the bag is very expensive, but nice.
    The shoes are cute.
  5. i really like the shoes but i don't really like the bag to be perfectly honest...
  6. Love the bag, it's stunning.
  7. Looks nice, but I doubt it's worth the money.
  8. Was just looking for a more varied response, sorry!

    Also, i'm not super serious about actually buying either one(too expensive), i more posted because it's just lust and wanted to see if others felt the same:yes:
  9. I love the shoes, but the bag doesn't grab me at all....sorry :shrugs:
  10. Love the shoes, not crazy about the bag.:smile: