Dior Pink Gambler or MJ Stam Mouse?

  1. I'm thinking of making the first large purchase in my life, and I'm currently debating between the following:

    1) Christian Dior large pink python gambler bag

    2) MJ stam in mouse

    I only have money for one of them. Which one do you think I should splurge my limited cash on? :yes: I also love the CD gambler but one difficulty is that my mother is afraid of snakes to the death, and I'm not sure if I should scare her like that, to have her go to my closet, out of curiosity open the dust bag, and :sweatdrop: . Any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Also, which one do you guys think is more timeless? Will either one look outdated in a few years? Opinions please!
  2. Did you mean this bag? :upsidedown:


    Honestly, I love this bag, but it's just too quirky, and I don't have the money to buy a bag and let it warm my closet for that special occasion I could use it. I can't see this as an everyday bag, so if you want something more practical, I guess my vote goes to the MJ Stam.

    However, if I was Victoria Beckham, I could really rock this bag with an all black outfit, huge sunglasses and a pout on. :lol:
  3. Yes, that's the one I meant! :yes: Thank you! Your response is greatly appreciated! It's so nice to be able to have someone else's opinion in a flash! It saves so much needless headache ;)
  4. I have this bag and I love it! It goes great with jeans and a tshirt or a cool sexy all black outfit. My style is also very edgey/punky with a rockstar flair so it fits perfectly into my wardrobe. My vote is for the CD gambler! :yes:
  5. the gambler bags never really did it for me, maybe it's the odd shape and the wacky colours it comes in. i guess to me, it just looks a little... loud? on the other hand, i guess if you do get the gambler, chances of you spotting another girl with it would probably be miniscule.

    the mj stam, i guess it's more generic and in being so, it's probably going to go well with anything really. the downside is that you might wind up seeing some other girl with it.

    i'd go with the stam. (sorry dior!)
  6. I would say it depends so much on your personality and what you wear ! but there must ahve been something that attired your attention in pink gambler and i say ... if you wanna be special go for it ! :yes: so many mousse shades out there....:wlae:
  7. Sorry I have to say Dior Gambler. I want the one with crocodile and leopard-printed pony + gold hardware...it is one of my dream bags!!!

    I think that the Gambler is not for everyone...it screams FUN and OUTRAGEOUS, and it would be for you if that is the personality you want your clothes to portray. They do have more subtle-looking Gambler bags...one with white logo jacquard (which is to DIE for because it looks so angelic), with plain color suede and python (in black, maroon, or some other colors...so the bag is all one color), with soft grained calfskin (all one-color), and those with satin and embroidery. These subtler ones will go with classy looks.

    I think clothes should be fun, so the Gambler speaks to me. But then again I think it will be one of those bags that will sit in the closet for a while waiting for a good occasion to come along just as Chrystalline mentioned (unless you get the really toned down versions of the Gambler).
  8. I see :yes: Thank you! I really liked the Dior, but what you all say is right; I think I may find it hard to match it with other things, so I may go for the MJ stam instead. Thank you all for all your inputs!
  9. The Dior gambler in crocodile and pony hair...:drool: isn't that like a $7000 dollar bag? It looks gorgeous but unfortunately not in my price range :p
  10. I vote for the Dior. I have the red velvet + pony leopard print version. I love it so much. The truth is I don't use it very often. But no regrets here. It matches my funky, punky personality. :love:
  11. Yep...it's on eBay for $4000 something (I wonder if it was sold...couldn't find it anymore) and even at $4000 it's way overpriced for me.
  12. Get the gambler, I have the black one and I looooovvveeee it! take it with me to the casino!!!
  13. I always adore Dior... so, Dior Gambler!!!
  14. For the gambler, what color would you guys recommend? :confused1: There's so many choices out there...