Dior Phyton Mules

  1. This is my first post on Dior! :yes: I don't own any Dior items except for their cosmetic line (and those limited edition lipglosses, dice..things of that sort) but today, I saw a pair of Dior Phyton Mules in a Nude color for $395. Its the same color as the Phyton flats...I really like it - i think its so cute but..is it worth getting? Im worried it will be at the outlets later on..what do you think? are those 3 inch stiletto mules worth getting for that price? And for those that own Dior mules/heels, is it comfortable? does it get better if you practice and wear it often?

  2. Welcome to the Dior subforum kuriso !:yahoo: i would say they are worth it - 395 dollars is a good price already ! plus u never know if they will be in outlets and what size, so if i was you and really liked them i wouldnt take the risk ..that said i have two pairs of Dior heels and one of them is very comfy ;) (and a 12cm heel too!) and the second one ...lets say bearable :smile::nuts: so i would say it really depends on the particular model and how used to walking in heels u are :yes: hope i helped a bit ...
  3. I would say go get them. Thats the average price for dior and they rarely go on sale.
  4. Thanks! I think im going to pick them up on Friday and will definitely post pics once i get them =) *im so excited!*
  5. thats great hun ! post the pics as soon possible we will be all waiting for them ! :drool:
  6. I cannot believe it! I just went to Dior in SF today and bought the shoes..as I was going home, I decide to open the box to take a look and there it was, a SCRATCH ! It wasn't the superfical ones you can wipe off, it was actually CUT. its a small cut but none the less, it agitates me. i paid $450 for it so now I'm going back to either exchange or refund it =( what a waste. it was their last pair.
  7. I am so sorry to hear about the scratch. Maybe they can locate your size at another store?