Tech Dior phone

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  1. Is there any one here that owns this phone? And if so, do you like it (or not). Off course I would also like to hear opinions from people who don't own one. I think it's a beautiful phone and I love the mini phone that comes with it, however; I do think it's very, very pricy, so I would love to hear some thoughts. TIA!
  2. I don't see the appeal of it. The specs aren't that great and to me, that the point of this phone is just to show off that it's designer. I'd rather stick with my Blackberry.
  3. I love it i think it's really beautiful but there is no way that i'm going to spend that much money on something that is so disposable like a phone. I really love that it comes with a second bluetooth mini phone... i wish other phone brands did this i would love that.
  4. it.girl; thanks for your input!

    naughtymanolo; I agree; the extra mini-phone is great! Unfortunately I also agree that the price is just outrageous for a phone. If I pay that much, I want to use it for the rest of my life :P! The 2 year garranty is not that great imo, because phone batteries usually start to deteriorate after that time.
    But yes; it's soo pretty!
  5. Maybe I'm just rough on my phones but mine don't seem to last pat 3 years, and the 3rd year is a struggle for them LOL...

    I remember Vernilover did actually buy the phone (the one with diamonds too!) but soon after is broke and she had to get a refund... which just speaks volumes about the quality of it. there are soem pics of it in one of her albums, I think hermes but it maybe in the vuitton one.
  6. p.s. Of topic is that a croc clochette in your pic? or is it one of those watch clochettes? I really want one for my kelly.. a black lizard or croc to contrast the Black box but i don't think H makes them unless you loose it and have the bag to prove you need a replacement.
  7. After a Google search, the last thing I read on it was from 2009. Is it still available? And if so, why would you want a phone that's almost a year old?
  8. Naughtymanolo; Thanks, I'm going to check out Vernilovers pics, but your story about her having to get a refund doesn't sound so good :P.

    I just bought the clochette a few weeks ago in Paris and I too thought it was a nice contrast for my clemence Birkin and Picotin (I've added some pics for you to see), but with Box leather I think it will even be better :nuts:! It is not the watch clochette, but it's actually an oversized clochette and you can put your keys on it as well. And you can buy it loose :graucho:

    Charles; it was available from december 2009, but you can absolutely still buy it on the official Dior website
  9. Naughtymanolo; Forgot pics of the clochette :P; Here it is

    Attached Files:

  10. Also, I really don't use a phone for the latest technology-novelties, just need to be able to make/receive calls and the occasional messages:P, so for me, a phone that is one year old is not a problem. I do however want a nice-looking phone :biggrin:!
  11. ^ I'm exactly the same too, to me a phone is something i use to call people and text, rarely use any other function on it... I'm a bit technologically challenged, I occasionally use the camera but i can never get the pics to transfer to my laptop HAHA

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The oversized clochette... me want!
  12. ^^^Haha; I can shake your hand as another technically-challenged person. For me, an Iphone or Blackberry is just wasted; there are just too much possibilities.
  13. It's still current; there are variations on the materials used from season to season.
  14. ^^^thanks eminere; I hope the 'mother of pearl' version will be longer available :yes:.
  15. I was mostly referring to the technology, but given the OP's comments, that's not a problem.

    OP, I'd also look into companies that customize phones, unless you're set on paying $5K for a Dior phone, you could probably get a nice flip phone and have someone add various precious materials for much less.

    Also, for high end phones, there's the Vertu brand.