Dior Paris prices

  1. Hi ladies, I'll be heading to Paris on Saturday and i heard Paris prices are better than anywhere else in the world?

    Would anyone know how much a Dior logo saddle bag would cost in the Paris shop and how much tax rebate you get back on it?

    Thank you so much! :heart:
  2. im sorry i dont know but i just wanted to wish u a great shopping spree in Paris ! :yahoo: ( and remember to post the pics pls ! :nuts: )
  3. have a great time in Paris!
  4. aww... thanks so much nataliam1976 and Lisasbags! I'm quite excited about it :yes:
  5. anything over 75 you get all the taxes back. Saddle bag has a range of price depending which one you get. Either way you end up paying less than us retail!!

    Good luck!:heart:
  6. I got about 10 % back.....it depends on what the Euro was worth.....The bags are cheaper than in the USA too..Have fun.....The Dior store was the nicest of them all to me and Jillybean when we went in November!
  7. have fun on your parisian trip loverundercover! and of course, please post pictures of your new babies when you get back. ;)

    ahhh can't wait till it's my turn to go to paris in june!
  8. have fun in paris! i dont know if this helps but when i went to LV in december i think i got 12% back out of like 19-20% dont forget to bring your passport with you!