Dior Panarea shopping Bag: your review

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  1. Hello everybody,

    I am going to France in a few weeks and I would like to purchase a bag to remember my trip.
    I have been thinking about the Dior Panarea shopping bag a lot lately and would like more info about the bag since I don't know much about Dior.

    1. I have getting over the fact that its not leather, but how is the quality compare to LV neverfull?

    2. Is the bag comfortable to carry on the shoulders?

    Your impute is mush appreciated:smile:
  2. Which Panarea are you considering? There is a newer non-quilted version and an older quilted version.

    I can comment a bit on the older one which I got for my mom years ago:

    1) The canvas is very durable. My mom has had it for over 3 years now and it shows no signs of use, except for a few hairline scratches on the metal D I O R charms which are hardly noticeable.

    I would say its comparable to the quality of the LV Neverfull in coated canvas which is very durable.

    2) The straps are thicker than the LV Neverfull straps so it should be more comfortable. My mom said that it's very comfortable, and she's usually quite picky when it comes with comfort.
  3. Here is the new Panarea (top) and the old Panarea (bottom):

    Attached Files:

  4. Has anyone seen the new Panarea in person? Is the inside the same as the older one's inside (eg. Magnetic closure)? It also looks like the quilts are flatter. Anyone know the price?
  5. I haven't seen the new one in person but I know that it's not quilted. It's just embroidered with the Cannage motif.

    I think the retail price for the black version pictured above is $1200 USD.
  6. Thanks,

    I like the older Panarea better and the new one looks like the neverfull. with I already have one.
  7. Can you still get the old version anywhere?
  8. Yes just saw some last Sat
  9. Price is comparable when you compare the Panarea and the NF; however, quality wise, I think Dior has been quality control than LV. Seems like there's a lot of problems with the NF and the leather cracking over the years. I have not heard of any complaints when it comes to the Panarea. And as others have said, the straps are much more comfortable.

    But since you'll be in Paris, why not splurge on a Diorissimo? It's completely leather lined inside and out and comes as a hand-held and a shoulder bag. I believe the price is 15-20% off the US price (this is after VAT, I believe). I can't get enough of the Diorissimo. The leather is superb and the craftsmanship is on par with Hermes's leather goods.
  10. i think panarea is more beautiful and unique.
    plus, it's real lambskin. and it is easy to carry and match your clothes.
  11. Isn't panarea a fabric bag ??
  12. Is original panarea going out of production?????😱
    Or is it stille available in stores?
  13. Panarea is canvas? (Fabric)
    I Think ☺️
  14. The original is still available in stores, although they are not producing any more.

    Yes, it is made of a durable polymer that resembles coated denim.
  15. #15 Apr 22, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2014
    I just bought the Panarea in the old version 3 weeks ago at the Dior Boutique in Vegas. They had the new version as well but I liked the older one for several reasons & all personal preferences anyways:

    1- like the silver charm over the rubber
    2- chose the smaller size, whereas the new version only has one size and is quiet large for me
    3- the old one is quilted and puffy, the new one is flat

    However the old version does wrinkle at the bottom corners a little bit whereas the new one doesn't. It's not something that bothers me though.

    Overall I'm very happy with it & I do find it versatile & easy to wear. I do wear it over the shoulder & I find it comfortable. I don't feel like I have to be overly cautious while wearing it, easy to take care of. In fact the first week I was sitting at a table in a restaurant and someone spilt their beer on one side of the bag and some even dripped inside...normally this would've been a disaster but you couldn't even tell that this ever happened. It also has these little silver "legs" at the bottom so when you put it on the ground the bottom is not touching which I like.