Dior panarea- need advice

  1. Which design are you looking at? Im no prada expert :sad: i have 3 but all 3 are in black nylon because I'm a boring person lol, I really envy your collections of bags that are so colorful and pretty and adventurous !!!

    This will be my first buy of non black bag, see how boring am I??! Lol

    I will go to outlet and tried all colour and decide which one I like, keep you gals posted :smile:
  2. hi ladies, here's the pics as promised. after trying out both colours, i am leaning towards beige with the champagne gold hardware :smile:

    but SA told me there will be colour transfer from jeans/dark cotton material... so............ im still in dilemma!! :sad:

    ps. sorry about wearing shorts, but Singapore is really freaking hot!
    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG
  3. Both are so pretty, but I'm leaning to the red one. Btw, I saw both bags have dented corners. Is it normal for panarea? Thx.
  4. hi, thank you :smile:
    i believe its normal with the dented corners as the SA told me "real" stuffing is really require to keep the bag shape. these 2 are the display so probably not handle with care.
    thats another issue to keep in mind. :sad:
  5. I have red one and I love it. It is really pretty red. But I don't think you can go wrong with either. Love Dior bags! Good luck deciding:smile:
  6. thank you!!! im still soooo indecisive. as usual :roflmfao:
  7. Yes, it is normal for the Panarea to develop 'dents' on the bottom corners if it's not stuffed when it's not used. The Panarea isn't a structured bag like the Lady Dior or the Miss Dior and will start to lose its shape over time. Stuffing it with the original paper that was in the bag when you buy it prevents this from occurring faster. One difference is between CoachCruiser's silver Panarea and mine, even though she bought it earlier than me. Hers is still in pristine condition whereas I've been using mine as an everyday bag so haven't stuffed it when I got home as it would be too much hassle for me, so I've got the 'dents' in the bottom corners.

    I'm another vote for the red, the beige is quite a classic colour but I like the subtle vine red colour. Also, you can't prevent colour transfers as such, but it is more hardy compared to lambskin leather so the chances are greatly reduced. You can clean the bag with Mr Magic Eraser, by lightly wetting the white part and gently rubbing this against the coated canvas.
  8. thanks Mi Chi_chi. i love both really :love:. its really hard to make a decision :wondering:shrugs: and i will buy 2 if i can afford it. haha. it cost SGD 1750 each, abt USD 1400
  9. I vote for the red too. Red bags always make a statement!

    And the denting actually makes the bag look nicer, in my opinion. The bag is made of coated denim, and the denting shows the relative softness of the fabric compared to LV canvas. Also, it makes the bag look more casual.
  10. Between the beige and red I prefer the red on u :tup:.

    I wear lots of black and used to only wear black bags too. Imo beige against black is not as stunning vs red against black. I've not seen mink grey so can't comment.

    There's this local SA who's super friendly when my mum bought dior so maybe u can check with her about the mink grey (pm u the details) :smile: GL!
  11. hmmmm....i personally love the red one. :love::heart:
  12. Wa!! Seems like everyone love the red!!! Alright , will
    Think about red for a few days first, thanks everybody :smile:

  13. Thanks Ms P for the PM :smile:
  14. can you ladies help me :biggrin:
    finally i got a friend going to Paris in July :biggrin: and she is very nice to offer to pick up the mink grey for me :biggrin:

    can i know how much is it in Paris For meddium? very much appreciated :biggrin:
    ps. the thread of pricing does not show dior panarea pricing in France
  15. €760 for the small, €830 for the medium