Dior Overshine Sunglasses

  1. Hi everyone,

    I really love the Overshine 1 sunglasses, and I wanted to buy 'em last year, but couldn't get the money :sad: So I bought 'em off eBay, and the seller used the, what's it called... Switch & something scam. So I was stuck with a fake pair, but I loved the model! Of course it's not as great as an authentic one, and the material is totally crappy, so now I decided to buy a real one.
    And Dior decided to throw in a second model which is smaller...And I really like big glasses.

    Anyways, long story short, I really want to buy the Overshine 1 sunglasses in black. I'm going to check every shop in Amsterdam, but if anyone knows where I can buy them online (a store that ships to Europe...), please let me know! :smile:
  2. Can you post a photo of it?
  3. Of course!


  4. Wow those are hot!
  5. $275. I think they're $199 on Amazon.com though.