Dior Outlet??

  1. Hi Guys...

    Has anyone been to a Dior outlet & if so was it any good??


    Take care...:yes:
  2. Yeah! There is one here in Oxford, UK
  3. Do you get any good items there?
  4. Its just am going to usa soon & i can see that theres one in orlando...
  5. The dior outlets are hit-or-miss. for most pieces, it's just the sale price that it was at when it was on sale at the dior store, 50% off retail. occassionally though, there will be pieces that have an additioanl 50% off the already reduced price so usually that's a pretty good deal.

    also you can find past-season stuff there, I would say it dates back at least 3 seasons.
  6. oh right - that might be quite good then....thanks
  7. Good Luck at the orlando outlet. I was there at christmas but wasn't able to go there as it was packed and my children would definitely not want to go into another purse store .I am however going to palm springs in march and if theres a dior at the outlet there I am definetly going to check it out. Let us know how you make out.
  8. I will do - the fendi outlet & coach was good when i was there last time but Dior wasnt opened when i was there last - am just hoping i can get a few good items..