Dior (Outlet) Sale @ Woodbury

  1. I just scored a Dior Rebelle bag in taupe from the Dior outlet at Woodbury Commons. (See the picture below!):yahoo: It retails for 1500 dollars and I got it for 400! If you are interested in any of the bags, shoes, accessories or clothing from Spring/Summer '06 collection of Dior (Rebelle, Rasta, etc.) do not hesitate to call Fred (he's off today) or Laura at 845-928-4602. They will provide impeccable customer service from emailing pictures to rush delivery!
    Dior Rebelle.jpg
  2. Wow! Great deal
  3. Wow, great buy! I'm heading to Woodbury tomm for sure.
  4. does anyone know if the dior outlet carries dior homme pieces?
  5. do they carry sunglasses as well
  6. would the outlet mail things out to you? because i have school and would never be able to go to the outlets...

    do they have jewelry? and small leather goods? thanks fo rthe post!
  7. yes they have sunnies and lots and lots of small leather goods
  8. i wish i had a dior outlet near me... that sounds like such a good deal!!
  9. congrats, beautiful bag... great price
    perfect for spring/summer
  10. Gorgeous bag!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Has anyone called them for photos of what they have in stock by any chance?
  12. congrats on the fab bag! i called today n got a pair of dior snow boots

  13. There are some pictures in the dior tread under "outlet items." Does anyone know if their sale prices are still effective? :drool:
  14. it's things like this that really make me wish i lived in the usa. we never get outlet sales on high end goods :sad:
  15. If anyone has been to the shop yet, any idea how much the Rasta saddle bag was going for over there? If they even had it--