Dior Oui?

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  1. Ok, I guess the first thing you need to know that I'm a student so any designer item I purchase will be one that will last me forever...I've been saving up for quite some time now so I decided to invest in something. I think it'll be the Dior Oui ring. So, my question is, does anyone have the ring? In what condition is it after years? OR would you suggest spending the money on something else? Even, of course, outside of jewelry? Like a bag?

    Thanks for answering :smile:
  2. Between fine jewellery and a bag I'd always pick the former - precious metals and stones always keep their value.

    I think the Oui ring is a great whimisical design from Dior and would go for it. Which style in particular were you looking at? There are so many pretty ones!
  3. The 18K white gold and diamond, classic one. This one:[​IMG]
  4. A very lovely choice :yes:
  5. I've always admired this!
  6. Thats such an adorable ring! Love it!
  7. So I decided today! How long away are Christmas? :P lol

    Thank you:smile: