Dior or MUFE liquid foundation? Any other suggestions?

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  1. OK, seriously this time, Im going to buy liquid foundation today. I've been fighting it for so long, not sure what to get, not sure where to get it, scared I wont like it, etc. But, I've come to the conclusion, if I go to Sephora, I can get almost any foundation and be able to return/exchange it if I dont like it.

    After doing some research, Im thinking Dior or MUFE is the best thing to start with (i *think* anyway), but what kind? (MUFE) HD? Face & body? (DIOR) Nude? Forever? etc. So many options! I want to spend around $40.00. What do you suggest? I have combination skin (more on the dry side in the winter) and Im acne-prone, but makeup doesnt bother my face at all.

    Im so confused! Thanks in advance!!

    and sorry for being such a PITA over this foundation thing. So many of you have given me suggestions for cheaper brands already!(and I deeply thank you for that!!)
  2. I'm going to be trying MUFE HD Foundation...should be delivered today. That's not much help TODAY, but I can let you know tomorrow if I like it!

    Can you try stuff at Sephora?? (I don't have one near me, I have to order online) If so, don't wear any makeup and try each of them to see which one you like best.
  3. ^^Dont wear any makeup? :wtf::wtf: What are you thinking?! lol. OK, OK, if you say so!:Push:

    You can try out the different kinds at Sephora, so I'll be doing that, I just like the rec's so I dont have some SA talk me into some crappy $40.00 makeup!
  4. I love Dior, but I don't like their foundation. It broke me out like craaazy and didn't even look good. I've heard good things about mufe and it looks really good on people. If you go to Sephora, they'll make you a sample of both :yes:
  5. I know! Now that you say that I would have a hard time leaving my house with no makeup on either! Just run in real fast with a scarf tied around your head and big sunglasses on. :supacool:
  6. ^^Maybe some paparazzi will think Im a celeb and take pictures :nuts: . haha. I dont have toooooo hard of a time going places without makeup on, its just Im going more than one place today! Maybe I will jsut have them wipe off a little area on my face and apply the makeup and Ill take my usual makeup and re-apply after they are done. Did that make sense? lol.

    Claire! Thanks for the sample idea! I didnt even think of that, duh!
  7. I've never tried any Dior makeup (aside from their mascara, lol) but I LOVE MUFE HD foundation. It's very nice, and a little goes a long way.
  8. MUFE HD, everyone loves it. I'm gonna buy this as soon my MAC Studio Fix Fluid runs out.
  9. I've been wearing Laura Mercier for a while now. I also have combo skin and am very prone to break outs. I breakout mostly when I try different creams or cleansers though. I have been thinking about switching foundations as well. So you guys rate MUFE pretty high huh? I think I'll give that one a try.
  10. I just bought MUFE and I LOVEEEEE it! I bought the concealer palette, liquid foundation, and hd powder. Now I don't think all 3 are necessary but I'm having great results with them. Unlike most liquid foundations I've tried MUFE does not make me look cakey, break me out, or dry me out. Definitely go to Sephora and try it-I don't think you'll be disappointed!
  11. I've tried MUFE HD, Dior Forever & Nude and the best out of them all was the Dior Nude. The MUFE HD broke me out & turned me into a grease-pit in less than an hr. The Forever was my HG foundation.. until I tried Nude. IMO, the Nude foundation is like MUFE HD.. but better.

    If you prefer a natural finish (in between matte & dewy) then choose Nude.. it has medium coverage, but looks absolutely flawless on. The Forever foundation has more of a matte finish w/ medium coverage as well. I'd choose either of these over MUFE HD any day.
  12. I love Dior foundations. I've tried a lot of others but I always go back to Dior (just like my mother and sister)
  13. I would have suggested the Armani foundation, I heard alot of great things about it, but I dont think Sephora carries it so I would go with MUFE they have very nice colors and its great for oily skin.
  14. Im going tomorrow! I was feeling better and I started moving too fast and got kinda sick again. Soooo, Im going tomorrow fo' sho'! I'm really leaning towards the Dior Nude, but Im going to try to get samples of a smany as I can lol!
  15. I also would suggest Armani but to my knowledge, Sephora does not carry it. I know that it is available at some Nordstrom's, and they also have a good policy for returning if it does not work out.