Dior Open Bar (pictures only)

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  1. Small and medium Dior Open Bar in Rose Poudre at Selfridges, London...

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  2. Small....

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  3. Small...

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  4. Navy

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  5. Shoulder carried

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  6. Wings out

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  7. Small Open Bar £1750

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  8. Inside

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  9. Mod shot

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  10. Green

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  11. Inside

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  12. Didn't ask what colour was this. Looks like grey to me.

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  13. Inside

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  14. So happen to be in Toronto for work, and decide to request an early arrival so I can go do some shopping before my long (9 day) stretch! Having not been to Yorkdale in what feels like almost a decade (a little less but nearing that) I decide that it is where I shall go; and of course it wouldn't be a trip to Yorkdale without nipping into Holts and the Dior concession.

    Now to preface this is not the bag I originally went in for; I was hoping instead to get a Diorama. However I had heard that they were 'order only'. Taking a chance with this season being that of the Diorama I asked if they might have any in stock; alas they only had display models for clients to 'use' in store for ordering purposes. When I asked how long, they said several weeks. Sadly I am not here that long.

    So rather than leaving empty handed (I'm not really an order and wait by the door kind of guy) my eyes start to wander around. I see the Diorific and though it is nice, the price is way too much for a simple bucket bag. I see the old style Miss Dior as well as the newer sliding chain Miss Dior (both in stunning blues!) but alas the cannage is no longer calling my name.

    So instead I decide to leave with this (as averagejoe predicted....!)

    Without further ado...

    View attachment 3130365

    View attachment 3130366

    View attachment 3130367
    Open Bar (large?) in Navy

    View attachment 3130368
    (Wings out, which I do not prefer in the slightest)

    View attachment 3130369

    View attachment 3130370

    And because I just can't say no....

    View attachment 3130371

    View attachment 3130372
    Diorissimo bi-colour Evolée wallet in a dark navy and burgundy!

    View attachment 3130373
    Both together (by no means do I plan on wearing it like this! Haha).

    I decided to go with the Open Bar because I wanted something that I could use as a bit of a workhorse. I love my Diorissimo but it is just too heavy when I load it up for work. It is still my HG bag and I adore it, but I loved that the open bar was structured-stuctureless at the same time!

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  15. Thanks!! I need to find some good light to take model pics the hotel, though lovely, has the worse lighting for ootd shots lol!

    Until then more bag porn:

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