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  1. eBay: Christian Dior Trotter Romantique flap bag (Authentic) (item 220053285172 end time Dec-05-06 01:13:49 PST)

    the new trotter romantique flap (in beige) going for $399 (BIN). it sounds like a steal!

    eBay: Christian Dior TROTTER ROMANTIQUE SMALL FLAP BAG (item 260057121551 end time Dec-01-06 15:55:18 PST)
    the older version trotter romantique (with the velvet rather than leather handles). it's going for $200 at the moment. and the condition looks pristine (i'm still miffed by my dirty romantique flap!).

    eBay: *Christian Dior* Leather Silver snakeskin clutch bag BN (item 120054769294 end time Nov-30-06 12:44:00 PST)
    silver python skin d'trick. the mirror shows some wear but i think it looks quite pretty for an evening bag.
  2. Didn't find that small bag but I found these:

    Pink Rain Bowling Bag:

    Paper Bag:

    It's amazing people are selling the shopping paper bags as well. I saw some dust bags too. Amazing the price they are asking for. I guess if you really like Dior's white paper bag this is your chance to get them. :yes:
  3. i'm usually quite wary of the gold-lettered ones, but a PFer did ask about it and mayday's mentioned that dior used to have the gold-lettered ones before 2000. that said, i'd say that most of the auctions i've seen on eBay with the gold-lettered cards look like they belong to fake diors.