Dior Nude Detective is On dior's site

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  1. Hiii Girls ..:nuts:

    speaking of my self .. i've always waited for this piece .. and now its on their site ..its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and it comes in detective and evening clutch...
    :amuse: it loooks more beautiful than style report's pic ..

    if some1 knows how much it retails for plzz tell us + :love: can some1 plz post the pic from dior ..its too late now in dubai and i've got early classes ..no time to copy and edit :love:

    ahh am sooo thrilled with this babe:shame: :shame:
  2. great bag! i love the nude collection, i really want the clutch!
  3. Cute, not sure its something I'd buy though. Love the color scheme, but I can't imagine what I'd use it with :biggrin: