Dior Nude Detective Bag

  1. [​IMG]

    Has anyone seen this IRL? Is it as nice as in the picture? I know I'm a bit late given this is so past season already... but is it still possible to obtain it anywhere? I don't even know how much this retails for! Help!
  2. My friend owns one in this color. It's beautiful IRL. You have to ask the Dior SA to order one. Begged him!
  3. does anyone know how much it retails for? thanks!
  4. i've seen pictures of this too, but never in real life. i love it! i've been wanting one too. you can call Dior and ask them about it
  5. OOOOOh, I've seen it IRL, they have it in Beverly Hills boutiqe. It's sooooo beaute in IRL, it's a real lace on it. I know it's over $2,000. Can't remember exactly. You can call them and ask. Ask for Lydia, she is very sweet. She was helping me as well :tender: .
    Let me know if you need a phone # :jammin: .
  6. oh gucci for life.. thanks for the information!! you are so wonderful!! If you may pm me the number that would be much appreciated!!
  7. ive seen it also, at the Dior at the Wynn in vegas..its GORGEOUS!!!
  8. That bag is heavenly... Definitely get it and post pictures.:love:
  9. I Love That Bag!!!
  10. I hope this is it.. (310) 859-4700

    Good Luck :tender:
  11. STAR has a clutch from this collection. Here is a pic (from STAR's showcase):
  12. that is beautiful, thank you lv addict for showing me that. However it is a bit small and I am looking for something a bit bigger. I'll check my local store and see if it is still available. if not, i'll start calling!!
  13. That is one sexy purse. You should definitely get one!
  14. Lovely bag..
  15. I remember seeing that at Toronto's Holt Renfrew, gorgeous. :heart: It was limited edition and the lace was very delicate. Definitely not an everyday bag.