Dior Nude COSMETIC BAG??!!?!?

  1. OMG!!!!!!!! Dior Parfums put the DIor Nude look on their cosmetic bags!!! I really like the way it looks but I wish that they didn't put it on something that they give out for free (especially since they produced handbags with this print in such limited quantities):

    Dior Nude cosmetic bag 2.JPG
  2. i agree that sort of ruins the look, the style if u want but then on the other hand i will probably never afford the dress :crybaby: ...so it would be nice maybe just to have a cosmetic bag.:confused1: ..what do they give it with??? im torn...
  3. aaw and i`ve never seen a nude handbag ...:crybaby: pics anyone ?:shame:
  4. I remember Star3777 had one in her Showcase.

    The cosmetics bag is PRETTY!
  5. [​IMG]

    Here they are...these are my dream bags. The Detective Bag version is just too beautiful because it combines a perfect bag with a perfect pattern.
  6. I dont really like it.

  7. aawww it is a DREAM BAG.... :heart: i have shoes they`re not dior but they would go lovely with them ... not as pink as they appear on the pic though ...sorry for the background to tired to arrange a shot :p :yes:
    almost nude shoes.JPG
  8. WOW these shoes are nice! I'm trying to imagine the color as a more neutral nudish pink...are they nude IRL?
  9. there were typical nude ones but i chose the ones that have slight pinkish undertones ..the colour on the pic aint real at all the pink is very light:shrugs:
  10. hey nat what's your shoe size? i hope it's a UK 6 because if so.. then... HEY NAT ISN'T THAT A DIOR-CLAD FRENCH BOI OVER THERE?! LOOK!!!

    *scoots off with nat's heels whilst she checks out imaginary dior french boy*

    and OMG! MAY! where do i get my hands on one of those dior cosmetic pouches? i never knew dior had those nude bags until i saw star3777's post (with her nude shoes too) and died from the sheer (heheh pun not intended) beauty of it.

    put lace and nude coloured satin together and i go manic
  11. pretty! congrats!
  12. cute!
  13. Really nice :heart:
    I sometimes get these ugly navy blue pouches with travel size dior skincare products in them, when I buy enough Dior makeup, skincare etc. I wish I could get cosmetic bag like that. :love:
  14. omg !!!! my size is UK 6 !!!! *grabs her 10 suitcases of shoes and runs away in panic from zerodross*:nuts:
  15. *tempts nat with her box of syrup waffles from amsterdam* just one suitcase maybe hun?! just one.... ;)

    omg! this means i must develop a fail-proof distraction method to get my grubby hands on your s&m heels & those gorgeous egypt flowers heels!!! :drool: