Dior newspaper dress

  1. do u know where can i find this dress..i'm so in love with this dress..i saw this dress wearing carrie in sex in the city...?
    please anyone??
  2. I love this dress too! I thought it fit Carrie like a glove! Since it's past seasons ago, I doubt any places will have it... perhaps call a Dior store to ask? Good luck!!!
  3. The designer who designed this dress is long gone from dior. His name is Galliano...he now has his own brand and sells at upper end dept stores like Saks. You better get ready to pay a hefty sum for his clothing line...(several thousand at least).
  4. Try eBay?
  5. In my closet:p. I also bought the bag and shoes. The shoes are long gone but still have the bag and dress. I must go visit it one day. LOL

    Do you really think the dress is worth several thousand? If so, I am going to put it up on eBay sooooooooooooo fast.
  6. ^^ I'm trying to remember what the dress looked like? :shrugs:
    Dearest Hubba, could you post a pic?
  7. used ones aren't worth that much, but if you want to buy one new at a retail store now u'll have to pay that much.
  8. I'm sure it's probably long gone by now, but there is a vintage clothing store in NY that sells actual wardrobe pieces from SATC. The most recognizable pieces were gone immediately, but I believe that they do still have some pieces lingering around. I'm so sorry, but I can't remember the name of the store - maybe someone else would know?
  9. Hi, I really dont think you will find this instore now, especially since its so long ago and an iconic peice of SATC and Dior clothing. But I do think its possible to find it on eBay or an online clothing site if you have a look. I would keep searching, the dress is tdf
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Off the top of my head, Galliano did this for either his own label or Dior roughly 2 years ago, I remember seeing it in Harrods! As everyone else has said, search vintage clothing stores as stores will not stock it as it's several seasons old sadly.
  12. Actually, John Galliano still designs for Dior.

    He made the first version for Dior, it was from the infamous "homeless" collection -- that's not the official name, but his inspiration was homeless people and the trash. After that season he revisited the newspaper theme for his own line. I have seen lingerie pieces in the recent past, so it is a design that he revisits once in awhile.
  13. ^^ I thought he still worked for Dior, glad you said this, beacause I wasn't sure anymore, after reading Jesoon's massage...
  14. ^^ Ohhh I remember that dress! It fit her like a glove!
  15. Love that dress!
    I remember reading a magazine article that Galliano loves collage. I find that a lot of his designs reflect that theme.