Dior "news": limited edition Saddle Bag / New Gaucho bag

  1. Hello all, I am new so I am not sure if it's OK to post this. I have done a search and found nothing about this -I am not a Dior expert, so I am not sure the topic has been touched before under a different name.

    Saddle bag
    Went to Harrods last night and one of the SA's at Dior told me about a new limited edition bag coming I think SS 2007. This is the saddle bag in 12 different styles, inspired by the countries John Galliano has visited. There are only going to be 100 bags in the entire world. She received the pictures that very same night and the wish list opened this morning (17/11/6).

    Gaucho bag
    She also showed me the new gaucho bag (which came out on Thursday). It has a metal strap and the leather is treated in such a way it shines in a special way... honestly, I could really not see the "shine" on the leather but again, I am no Dior fan so there.

    I'd never been to Dior and found the SA very OTT. She came out of nowhere and I kindly said I needed no help but she ignored me and told me about the new John Galliano collection anyway. Then she came with the new Gaucho bag... Even though I kept hinting at her I had no intention of buying anything from Dior, she really thought she was on a winner. In the end, I told her I'd come back tomorrow morning (she kept trying to have me give her the deposit for the bag right there and then... seriously, it was really bad). Perhaps she was desperate to get me on the wishlist, or maybe she was new (??)... are Dior Sa's usually this "attentive"?
  2. WHOA! I wonder what those saddle bags look like!

    I think the Gauchos that the SA was referring to is their cruise line editions with the metal straps (I can't wait to see these IRL!)!
  3. !
    oh man, i think i'm going to have to call up the dior in manchester to ask.
    i wonder if they'd last till next week when i head down.
  4. I've never had this problem at the Dior store in San Francisco, Vegas, or South Coast Plaza.
  5. OMG 100 ONLY?:wtf:

    im reporting back within hours about the new saddle... brbz
  6. Wow thats brilliant would love to see a picture of these. Love Gaucho range.
  7. Hi! I saw one photo of this saddle, it's navy blue and it has white... mmmm don't know the name in english "buttons"??? (the thing you use for example to close pants or shirts and it's not a zipper....) well, it's full of those in white.
    I have also read that those bags will be sold ONLY in those 12 countries.
    My source is italian marieclaire of this month arrived today with the mail.
  8. Hi Alice! Can you scan the article? Thanks ;)
  9. I would love to do that but I don't have a scanner and neither a printer, sorry... :sad:
    I try to look on their website... if they have any.
  10. Okay girls I have a photo, I took it with my mobile so it's not the best quality but I hope it helps to understand... Enjoy! :smile:
    24-11-06_2027.jpg 24-11-06_2028.jpg
  11. What an interesting saddle bag! I'm really glad that Dior is still making variations of their classic saddle;)
  12. ahh just back from manchester!

    thanks alice, for the pictures of the saddle! i was really curious about those limited edition saddles (didn't see any in manchester).

    anyway, updated report on the new cruise collection bags:

    not that found of the "my dior" bags. (my guy sure wasn't very impressed with them after looking at some mcqueen, balenciaga and chloe bags) the leather does look very buttery soft, but i guess since i was choosing between the my dior range and the detective range, i'd still stick with the dior detective. that said, i think a lot of you ladies might really like it, the leather, like i said before, is really lush looking, and the bag with the single pocket (which Jill has - see her thread) does look better than the double pockets one. the smaller my dior bag (with side pockets) looks.. a little too awkward, it's bordering on looking like a giant croissant or baguette (hah!) and the side pockets jut out a little too much for my liking. nonetheless, the tan colour is pretty nice looking, and so are the black & white ones. (didn't see the natural/light beige one).

    okay, now for the stunner - those new gauchos with the metallic strap... they are TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!! it's probably not for everyone since it does look a little trendier/young-ish. but that said, it's simply spectacular to me..the metallic straps are not horribly shiny/"blingy" so that's a plus, and it really does accent nicely with the leather (i saw the white leather with silver straps). it's gorgeeeouss although the dior store was pretty crowded (and my bf was getting distracted some watches across from the dior store), so i didn't really try it on. but it is an absolute beauty to me!

    saw the fine jewelry too, and those are really delicate (the oui rings, etc).

    (yes obviously i felt like a kid in a candy store)
  13. Thanks Alice - they're really interesting. ;)
  14. Girls i got news :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    i called my SA and she told me about the 12 countries saddles thingy .. each country will have its own bag e.g: Bollywood = india, egyptian, japan etc ... she descriped them on the phone and i went nuts:biggrin: gotta have on of these beauties ... she said that they will be extremely LIMITED ...

    plzzz US girls do supply us with further info
  15. does anyone have more information on the limited edition saddles? i'm so interested!!