Dior New Look 2007

  1. Hey everyone!

    Check out the new Dior limited edition makeup compact for Spring 2007! This year they're playing on the Dior Flight theme.

    Every year I buy one or two of Dior's limited edition makeup compacts because they're really cute! This one will most likely make it to my collection!
    Dior New Look 2007 compact.jpg
  2. that IS cute :smile:
  3. That is hot.
  4. Yeah that's cute.
  5. Oh that is cute!
  6. I love their limited edition makeups. They're always fun and pretty! :heart: :love:
  7. WOW! i LOVE this compact!
    I buy the ltd editions eveytime they come out and :O had a nightmare last night that somebody ran over my newest one and smashed it up :sad: whoa that was abit random..must of been the TWO bottles of baileys drunk :S
  8. :drool::drool:

    thanks may for posting that up!
    i wonder when they'll be available. ahhh too many wants. :push:
  9. the only thing i dont like in those editions is that there is no bigger choice of colours in shades .. i wish i could spend money and actually USE it as well! :yes:
  10. ^ ITA. that was why i didn't get the really cute beige detective set, the colours were all too "cool" (baby pinks and blues) for me. :sad:
    but i'm still kicking myself for not getting it regardless just because i love the packaging.
  11. it makes me feel sometimes as if Dior was doing ME a favour selling me their stuff when in reality its me doing favour to them ! :yes: or ... ? :yes:
  12. wow so nice! id like to have one too... love the Flight edition so much
  13. i have this one and i absolutely love it :heart: mixing all the colours together all the time ! :yes:
  14. OMG! thanks for sharing! I have 2 Dior flight bags and I must have this compact its "ADIORABLE"!