Dior New Lock - Medium Flap; purchase in Italy?


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Nov 14, 2010
hi Everyone - I am in love with this bag and was wondering who has one and what they think of it for everyday use.

Also, I will be in Italy later this month and wondering if it is cheaper to buy it there - 1250 Euros given the exchange rate and credit card conversion rates.

Any feedback on the above is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Nov 25, 2009
On behalf of my mother who has this is Rouge, she LOVES IT!

The medium size is just perfect and practical. She uses it when she goes out with friends, shopping and the size is perfect to wear to a party/evening event!

As for the Price, I'm not sure how much it is in Italy, but it in the U.S. it is $1890.

As of Nov 14th. 2010, $1890 equals to 1381 Euro.

With credit cards it all really depends on the company(VISA, AMEX, etc.) but I know Amex charges 3-5% extra to your total when spending overseas and credit card exchange rates are horrible (-___-)

Best way to get the best deal, would be to use Cash (Euro).