Dior Necklace - jewelry question

  1. I don't really hang out in this forum but I just picked up a cute Dior Necklace. I bought it last Monday at the Sak's in Bala Cynwyd. I love it but was wondering if it's real silver or not.. I should've asked the SA but didn't. So does anyone know what their jewelry is made out of?
    Dior Necklace.JPG
  2. Hi mssmelanie!

    What a GORGEOUS necklace!

    According to the Eluxury site, their costume jewelry is made of polished silver metal (so not silver, I assume...just metal that's silver colored). So it won't tarnish as easily.

    Does anyone know specifically what alloy Dior costume jewelry is made of?
  3. i asked the SAs about my earrings and she said it isn't silver
    just metal.
  4. May ~ I totally looked on Eluxury's site as well. Such a mystery.

    Wannabelyn - I wish I knew what that metal was.. It shouldn't tarnish right I'm curious what other metal would it be?

    Dior has really cute jewelry :0)
  5. mssmelanie ... GOOORGEOUS :heart: