Dior naked bag?

  1. Why do I think this is totally cute?


    Its only like $550 on bluefly.
  2. I think this bag is really cute too! It's not for me only because it's see-through and I'm not a big fan of people seeing inside my bag.

    I've seen it for way less on eBay. I think one ended recently for around $230.
  3. Thanks for the Tip May!!!
  4. i've seen it on sabine's boutique before but i'm not sure if it's sold out.
    Authentic Designer Christian Dior Handbags Pink Rain Camera Bag DPU44371
    sabine's has another style of the same range, it comes with a little drawstring bag inside in the same monogram to hide the valuables, etc.

    oh i found a picture of it here on the japanese website:
  5. I love the shape of that bag. It is way cute with the pink too.
  6. I love the shape! Very cute!
  7. Agreed. I don't want to attract unwated eyes for the wrong reasons.

    The only 2 places i can think of taking/ using this bag is going to the beach or the gym. It's sort of really kiddish... now am i tempted since it's Summer in Aus and i have no bag for the beach! kekeke
  8. So cute! :yes: I would use it in place of a diaper bag!:smile: